Thursday, December 20, 2012

Black Ops 2 Review

Call of Duty has been known for a story driven campaign and addictive multiplayer.  Guess what! Nothing has changed; just the same old call of duty. But that is a good thing, because the formula works.
Every missions is either set in the future or past. When in the past you play missions told by ,no other then, Frank Woods. In the future you play as David Mason, Alex Mason's son. The story is just like any other 1st person shooter and was not anything impressive. Yes, there is some surprising plot twist and it may be suitable for a movie but its just the same old call of duty style of story. I do have to point out that the villain , Raul Menendez, is a great character. He is evil but you can understand his side of the story which makes an interesting character. They finally changed the gameplay up by giving you different decisions to make. Some are subtle but others you have to choose to kill or wound a main character. I really liked this new gameplay approach mainly because they tried something different. Even with these choices the game still feels very linear. Most of the big set piece moments takes the controller out of your hand. They are all really cool moments but I wish that the player was more in control. The Uncharted series is known for their big set piece moments but the gameplay is not taken away from you. The train section in uncharted 2 is a blockbuster movie moment but you still feel in control of the whole section. A big disappointment is the strike force missions which is supposed to take the linear feeling away but I hate them. You send troops to areas to defend, attack, etc. but the AI are so stupid I end up doing everything anyways. It's a good thing you don't have to do these missions but they effect the campaign. On a good note the gameplay is excellent as it always has been. The controls are fluent and the graphics are great. The guns may be the best in the series and they sound great. The futuristic atmosphere is also a positive. I do applause Treyarch for trying something new but the whole campaign still has that linear feel. 6.0

Most people get call of duty for the multiplayer and I can understand why. It has always been good but this my favorite out all of them. They kept the same formula but added a few tweaks. I love the new scorestreaks which means killstreaks are not entirely based one kills. You can get points by getting exists or defending a territory. The customization has also changed; know it is based on the amount of points you have. You can have the regular type of loadout or just run around with a knife, its your choice. The guns upgrade depending on how much you use them, and there is no more buying equipment! Like I said before the guns are the best in the series ,and its fun to use the futuristic stuff in multiplayer. Everything about multiplayer is almost perfect. There are so many fun modes to play including hardpoint, sharpshooter, capture the flag,free for all, and team deathmatch just to name a few. I don't play zombies a lot so I can't really say much. ( if you have your own review for zombies please share in the comments) I do know that it is great addition to the game and multiplayer deserves a 9.9. Everything is solid and fun; you find yourself playing for hours.

 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 gets a 9.0


  1. I'm in love with this game!

  2. Its OK! But its like the old one in away.I like they have it set in the 200022 year! But this and all shooter are getting kind of old! Pick up Dishonored or AC or Bioshock or Castlevania or get outside and play some football...Play Skyrim or Farcry both game will keep you busy and Farcry is better than Battlefield or COD!

  3. Man this game is greatest of all the games outthere

  4. Yes but this game have a DLC pack already for y