Monday, August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad: Blood Money Was Great!!
You can tell that this season will be a epic fight between Hank and Walt. That last sentence says it all! "Tread lightly"- Walter White. This episode was great with remarkable acting and an incredible amount of suspense. The last moments leave you wanting more and I can't wait to see what happens. Even the beginning was filled with mystery and was a perfect start to one of the best shows on television.

Spoilers ahead! (Summary and Thoughts)

The beginning jumps to the future again when Walt arrives at the White's house. But it's not how we left. It is completely abandoned and basically destroyed. Kids are even using it as a skating rink! Inside the house Heisenberg is painted across the wall with gigantic letters. Who painting this? Does everyone know who Walt is? He obviously pissed someone off. I think he got his family out of there in the nick of time and they are in hiding. I guess we will have to wait to find out! Now is when it gets really interesting. Walt gets the poison he hide in the house long ago. You know the one he was planning on killing Gus with! We all know how that turned out. What in the world does he need this for?????????? Planning on killing someone else to get out of trouble, but who Hank? Skylar? Jessie? Saul? Lydia? The guy that killed that poor kid on the bike? Himself? You never know about this show and that's what makes it so good. Oh yea, he still has that big gun is his trunk! The neighbor was terrified of him and drops her bag. Is he known as the face of evil or did she just see his gun? I chuckled a bit when Walt sees her in the present and they have a friendly greeting!

After this, the show starts exactly where we left off. Hank finally gets off the toilet and he doesn't look very happy. Dean Norris is such a outstanding actor; just the look on his face tells it all! This has got to be terrible for him. Remember all the horrible things that has happened to him because of Walt. I couldn't even imagine the pain and anger that is fueled inside of him. Hank can't even be in Walt's presence and leaves with the excuse of a stomach bug. He needed to get out of there as fast as he could before he does something drastic. On the drive back Marie is being annoying and Hank has a panic attack. I can completely understand why! Back at Walt's house everyone is so happy even Skylar. That will not last long....

At the car wash everything is running smoothly. Hey, if Hank didn't find out, they could have ending the series like this with everyone happy! But who wants that? Skylar also has the brilliant idea of buying another car wash and they probably will in a future episode. Lydia shows up with her ginormous sunglasses.And asks Walt to start back up again; to get her out of the "box". Walt says no which is probably completely honest because he is at the point in his life that he has been striving for. I have a feeling Lydia will play a big part coming up. Vince actually teased it in Talking Bad. Then Skylar tells Lydia to never come back because she probably does not want Walt to be back in that environment. She is actually happy! Wow!

Hank gets a lot of boxes, I thought they were minerals! No, It's a bunch of paper! It was everything from his past investigations. He is trying to piece everything together. It was funny to see Walt and Jessie stealing that barrel again.

Then we finally get to see Jessie. Skinny Pete and Badger are having a very interesting conversation about Star Trek. I would like to see what Sheldon( Big Bang Theory) would have to say. Jessie is not interested at all. He has much to think about. That money that he got is "Blood Money" and he really doesn't want to keep it. He wants to do the right thing and repay some of the people that Walt has drastically effected with his evil ways. I can completely understand why he does not want to keep the money. All the people that has died because of that money. Blood Money is really the perfect description. Jessie has gotten better throughout the whole series when Walt has become completely evil. I think Jessie just wants to get out of all this and get away from Walt. He asks Saul to deliver the money to Mike's grand daughter and I'm not sure about the other person. I have an idea but if anybody could help me out. Alberto? Walt then tells Saul not to deliver the money, it would arise to much suspicion. Which is true. Later on Walt visits Jessie and completely lies about Mike. He says that he is still alive. Well, we know that Walt is a good lie-yer. But Jessie is not as stupid as Walt thinks. I believe that Jessie knows that Mike is died. This could be problematic...

Then Jessie gives some money to a bum and that leads to raining money, literally. I wish Jessie would throw some money in my yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to Walt who excuses himself from dinner to throw up. We have seen this several times in season 1! Remember that scene when Skylar tells Walt that see is waiting for the cancer to come back... she gets her wish. This could play out several ways in future episodes. In the bathroom Walt notices something very important. What could it be? I have no idea? Maybe the missing book! This is where things get really interesting. It was already interesting, know it is extremely interesting! Walt soon learns why the book is missing. He even finds a tracker on his car!

This next scene is suspenseful, exciting, and surprising. I was on the edge of my seat watching. Walt confronts Hank! This is now a clear fight between a protagonist and antagonist. They both know  each others secrets and the dialogue between these two characters is excellent. When Hank closed the garage door I got goosebumps. He punches Walt and lets all his anger out. The two argue, and the show ends with Walt saying Tread Lightly! What a perfect ending to such a outstanding episode.

Breaking Bad has won all these awards for a reason. It is a pretty darn good show. These last episodes are going to be a roller coaster and  it will be terrible to see a series like this end. But I'm glad it doesn't overstay it's welcome like a lot of series seem to do. The battle between Walt and Hank will be intense and I cant wait for the next epic installment next Sunday!

A great inside Breaking Bad (spoilers)

A Promo for the next episode: Buried.

Who's side are you on Hank or Walt?


  1. The other person was that kid on the bike!

  2. Yes the missing book that Hank took!

  3. I had rewatched every one of the past shows. Just to get my facts right.its so good to start watching this very good show... Did any one watch the that new show after Breaking Bad?

    1. I didn't. Was it any good? I hated how you had to watch Low Winter Sun just to see the trailer for the next Breaking Bad!

    2. Sad its almost over!August 19, 2013 at 10:18 AM

      Its was OK. But I like Breaking Bad better

  4. I think that it would end very bad for both Walt and Hank.