Monday, November 11, 2013

The Walking Dead

Its Sunday 11/10/2013
And you are home watching The Walking Dead.
Thing are very bad at the prison   Hershel Greene is trying to take care of the sick people but he know if Daryl don't get back with the the medicines the people in the ward are going to die from a flu.
Something that if it happen now all they have to do is give you a shot or some pill if you catch the virus in time.But even with all this medicines some flu even day can cause us problem and some people die from the flu even today. There was a major flu that hit the world long ago before all the drug and medicines we have today and it kill 87 million people.
The Walking Dead World is that old world where drug  are hard to come by and they must go and get them at great risk.Even children hood disease in which today just give them a shot would be around.SUre there are drug still around here and there but they too have a date where they would no long be good! Or after that date they would be weaken and you would have to taken more of them.
Ok back to the show   Hershel Greene is taking care of the sick people and Maggie is the only one around to take care of the walker at the fence. Rick show up and he tell Maggie about Carol and that she kill those people with the flu hoping it would stop it. Rick asked would she allow Carol to comeback? and she said no! Rick checks on Carl and he is ok,so he tell   Hershel Greene about Carol
Than one of the sick people become a walker or two or was it 3. Lizzie get a walker away from Glenn and Hershel save her. Maggie break into the sick ward and help to save Glenn from chocking himself to death.Rick ask Carl to help him with the fence but the walker break down the fence which was design to keep living people away but not hundred of dead unfeeling thingy whom can with great number can knock anything down. I like to see the Carl and Rick killing machine in action,to tell you the truth I like seen Carl like this able to take care of himself and his sister and even this show he save his dad.
Rick trys to keep Carl away from it all but that isn't good thing to do,you have to get your kids and yourself ready for this new world the old rule or least some of them don't work
Rick didn't tell Daryl about Carol. But Daryl had said in the last show he would put a bolt through whom even kill and burn the people. I just now wondering if he would still do it with Carol I believe he wouldn't,he would do as Rick did tell her to hit the road.
Carol should had waited for the people to die and than burn them,killing and burning them is something the Governor would do.Here the thing Carol and the Governor meet up abut the governor still is obsessed with the prison.Caro still like the kids at the prison but she know he wouldn't just let thin go,so she knock him out and leave him tie up where Maggie and Glenn and Michonne find him and they do all kind of bad thing to him and then they thrown him into a pit of Zombie. Here 1 Governor break in to the jail and he hold Judith and Carl is knock but he recovers and Rick come in to give himself up for Carl and Judith just as the Governor shot Rick Carl shot the Governor. Or the Governor become good and save ever body!!!!


  1. I think that guy who took the alcohol is actually a spy for the governor.

    1. I don't think he was part o the governor town ship

  2. I like yours crazy idea about the governor . But I think if anyone would get the governor it would be Maggie!

  3. Girls like games tooNovember 14, 2013 at 2:54 PM

    I also like watch Carl and his dad dealing with zombie and the next day they go back to their farming. I love Carl,do you know if he reads this site?

    1. I have no idea if Chandler Riggs come to this site. Anyway I like the old Rick and the new Carl he need time to calm down and learn when to shot someone. You might or might already know this but he is making 2 movie 1 is called Mercy which is a short story by Stephen King . due out sometime in 2014 and number 2 is called Home Invasion also due out in 2014.Source for the info is .com

  4. What happen to your reports about the TWD show. I don't have cable, had to cut back a little ,they cut back my hours.The only thing I have is the INTERNET service I need it to play my video games,hell I would even give up my I phone to keep playing my video games!