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Old Game Review 2 Deadpool- This Is Not Your Normal Review!

Deadpool, just like the character himself is a game you don't take seriously. If you buy this expecting a Last of Us level plot then you will be disappointing. You have to understand that this game is meant to be a joke to fully enjoy it. So here is everything about this game: you go around shooting and stabbing people while listening to stupid yet funny jokes. That's all this game is, there is nothing much to it. When I say stupid jokes, I really mean stupid. Just take a look for yourself:

See, what your getting yourselves into! Now lets explore all the bad things about this game:
It's very repetitive, graphics are not that good, and gunplay is awkward. The only good thing about this game is Nolen North's voice acting who is able to make three different voices for the same character. Now I have listed 3 cons and 1 pro. That 1 pro being voice acting! You may think that merits a 2.0 out of 10! But there is a something here that makes me like this game, and I can't put my finger on it. It's not a 9.9 out of 10 type of like, for sure, but it's something. Maybe I'm not giving this game a 2 because I understand what it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be Deadpool making a game. If you know Deadpool that game will be something very very odd. If your asking for a game made by Deadpool then this game is perfect for you, because they got his character as accurate as can be. You will enjoy this game if you know that Deadpool made it! That way you know what type of shenanigans are coming. Now I'm going to take a note from Conan: If a 9.9 is Wolverine and a 2 is squirrel girl, and you rate this game based of off Under the Dome then this game gets a score of a Barbie added with creepy alien thing Christine added to a drunk Big Jim and Julia then this game gets a Monarch Butterfly out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll leave with this note: This game is not worth $60 and I give it a 4.0 or maybe a 6.0, wait that may be to high a 5.5. I don't know! What about a 5.925678678983 out of 10. That sounds kind of good.

This is ridiculous, maybe I've been playing to much Deadpool!

My Top 10 Last Airbender Episodes

The Last Airbender is my all time favorite TV series. To celebrate this awesome series I decided to list my top 10 episodes. This isn't really a ranking ,but a way to honor a good TV show. I know this show is 7 years old, but I like it... so there! Even the filler episodes are good, therefore this list was really hard to make! I can think of so many episodes that deserve to be on this list. I could write a essay about each episode, but I have other things to do like playing video games!

10. City of Wall and Secrets S2 Ep 14

This a great introduction to Ba Sing Se and the political corruption surrounding it. Team Avatar wants to inform the earth king about the eclipse, but it seems the whole city doesn't know about the war or are to scared to talk about it. This is the start of one of the best story arcs in Avatar history. A plot line that's could be relevant to any TV show on AMC, HBO, Showtime, etc. It's amazing how a cartoon can have a better story then most other TV shows. 

9. The Day of Black Sun Part 1 S3 Ep 10

You will see that part two is on this list as well. The Invasion (Part 1) is so awesome, because we see everyone come together to fight the fire nation. You really feel the intensity of the battle the whole way through. It's a great episode for Sokka who was to scared to pump up the troops, but has to take charge when his father is injured. We also get to see Katara and Aang's first real kiss.And It all comes together in a nice cliffhanger. 

8. The Puppetmaster S3 Ep 8

This is a really creepy episode where the crew comes to a town where people disappear every time there is a full moon. Katara meets the only other waterbender from the southern water tribe. It's a very creepy old women that knows the darkest secrets of waterbending. This is the introduction of bloodbending which is a main plot point in season 1 of Korra. This is in the top 10 list because of Katara. Her character has grown so much and we see that here.

7. The Day of Black Sun Part 2 S3 Ep 11

It was so great to see how Azula played everyone. She knew of the invasion all along and it was a trap. This episode featured a great chase/fight scene between Azula, Toph, Sokka, and Aang. Zuko finally confronted his father and this had some of the best dialogue in the series. It all came together in a sad ending where Aang and the kids had to leave everyone behind to be captured. 

6. Into the Inferno S3 Ep 20

This is part 3 of the last four episodes. The best part was the fight between Zuko and Azula. The music and effects made this scene come together for one emotional moment. This is one of the best fights in Avatar history. We see how Azula is going insane, and the beginning of the fight between Aang and Ozai.  

5. The Crossroads of Destiny S2 Ep 20

This is the end of the Ba Sing Se story line and it ends in a bang. Not only in fight scenes, but in characterization. Aang has to let go of Katara, and Zuko has to choose his path. It all comes together in a very dark ending where Zuko betrays Uncle, the earth kingdom is fallen, and Aang is "killed" by Azula. This episode shows that this is definitely not your normal cartoon.

4. The Southern Raiders  S3 Ep 16

Katara faces the person that killed her mother with the help of Zuko. Aang is fighting for forgiveness, while Katara wants revenge. This is the darkest point we have ever seen Katara ,and she even uses bloodbending at one point. We get to see that Katara and Sokka's mom died to protect her daughter in a truly horrific moment. This episode brings up the moral question that drives the finale which is whether or not Aang should kill the firelord. 

3. The Avatar and the Firelord S3 Ep 6

This is a paralled story between Aang and Zuko as they learn of the fire nation's past. We get to see how the war started and Avatar Roku's journey. It is a very interesting story about friendship, for we learn that Roku and Sozin used to be best friends. That is until Sozin left Roku to die on a volcano. Now he can be free to fulfill his dream of spreading fire nation influence all over the world. This is the start of the 100 year war.

2. Zuko Alone S2 Ep 7

Zuko befriends a little boy as he is traveling alone. This truly is a masterpiece of writing. Everything about this episode works. We learn of Zuko's dark past and that he is more then your traditional "villain." At the end Zuko learns that he has to be true to himself even if it means the boy and his town hate him for who he is. 

1. Avatar Aang S3 Ep 21

This is the final episode, and one of the best finales I have ever seen. It had everything from action to emotion. It ties up everything perfectly (except for Zuko's mom),and is an exceptional ending to my favorite TV show. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Old Games Review 1: Journey- You Notice I Say Experience A Lot

   Journey was a last generation pearl that I missed out on. When I heard it was coming to the ps4, I had to jump on the opportunity. What I experienced was something truly unique and special.
   Players control a creature as it makes a journey through the dessert to reach a mountain. There is a hidden story here that can be perceived in many different ways. The simplicity of it all amounts to a huge emotional thought process that no other game can manage. It's so strange that a game based on walking can emit such a glorious response. It has something to do with the music and the beautiful scenery mixing together to make an unforgettable gaming experience. You will encounter different obstacles and "puzzles" along the journey. Something that should not be discussed here, so you guys can experience it first hand. Another thing you will encounter is other players. This is not presented in it's usual format, for you can't see the identity of the other creature. It's an unknown person encompassed in this spectacular world that only has one form of communication: a chirp. These chirps can be used to activate different things in the world, grow your scarf, and communicate with other people.
   Journey is not a game, but an experience that will provoke all kinds of emotional responses. You will sit in awe and be afraid to make a sound, for it will disconnect you from the experience. Journey is a short experience that will be beat in one sitting, but it's greatness will implore you to take another first step to start the Journey again.
   Journey, although short is something every gamer or non-gamer should experience. A 9.0 out of 10

The News

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt RED has been releasing free DLC for their critically acclaimed game: The Witcher 3. These range from new quests, skins, and treasure hunts. The last DLC comes out next week and is something fans have been asking for: a new game plus. This means players can reply the game with a fully upgraded Geralt. For those of you in Witcher 3 withdrawal( if you completed the game close to 100%  there is nothing much to do except run around and kill monsters that you have already killed a thousand times), this will be something to quench your thirst. In other Witcher 3 news, the latest update added a whole new set of options to clean up your inventory, and storage chests to store your items, among some other additions. This is a very welcome update, but severely lowered the frame rate for console players.

2. Fallout 4    

Fallout 4's appearance at Quake Con did not disappoint featuring a new gameplay demo. No one outside the building got to see the demo, so you can't get any information out of me! But I can give you some news from their presentation. Fallout Shelter, the free mobile game that tasks you with managing a vault, will be released for android phones on  August 13th. Secondly, news emerged that 12 companions can follow you through the wasteland. You can also romance this companions no matter their gender. I don't know how well that will go with the dog or robot!

3. Guillermo Del Toro 

Guillermo Del Toro recently made the news when his game, Silent Hills, was cancelled. Despite this del Toro stated that he is still working with Kojima in an interview with IGN.
“We are still friends and working into doing something together, but that’s not going to be [Silent Hills],” del Toro said.
4. Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider surprised everyone when it was announced to be an Xbox One exclusive. That only meant that Xbox will get it first on November 10th. News recently emerged that the game will be coming to PC early next year, and to PS4 the holiday of next year. 

As you can see video game news is slow at this time. That's why we are going to try and review some old games for you. I played Journey and Deadpool, and have been playing through Borderlands 2 right now. Recently I have been re-watching The Last Airbender series, and thinking about ranking the episodes. Lastly you may see a return of our battles, where we pit two games against each other and you decide the winner.  

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies Trailer

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is said to have a zombies campaign. With that brings some popular faces: Neal McDonough (Justified), Jeff Goldblum(Jurassic Park), Heather Graham(Californication), Ron Perlman(Hellboy), and Robert Picardo(Star Tek: Voyager). This looks quite interesting, but still seems a little similar to past zombie modes. I know the atmosphere is different, but the gameplay seems the same. I really want to see a true zombies campaign instead of survival. I do think the bubble gum thing is pretty cool though!

Batman vs. Superman trailer

I have to be honest, DC is losing on the movie front. I'm also not a big Superman fan. With that being said, this movie actually looks kind of good. Some big things from the trailer is Lex Luthor, The Joker, and Wonder Woman. What do you think about the movie trailer? Some other DC news just came out that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns(DC comics) are making a standalone Batman film to release after Batman V. Superman.

The Walking Dead season 6 & Fear The Walking Dead Trailers

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Batman Arkham Knight's Plot and Ending

Spoiler Alert: I'm getting ready to spoil everything related to Arkham Knight, so if you haven't played the game scroll on down and read our spoiler free review instead!!! If you played the game or just don't care feel free to indulge, and give your opinions on that cryptic ending. 

It's finally here, the end of the Arkham series. So lets get right into it. The Joker is a huge plot device in Arkham Knight, but I couldn't say anything about it in the review. Don't worry he is still died... kind of. What's really going on is the Joker lives in Batman. Towards the beginning of the game you see the Joker and learn it's just a vision come to life by fear toxin. Then later on you learn that Joker had his blood sent out to infect people. One of those people is no other then Batman. So Batman is turning into the Joker... What!?!?! Even in the death the Joker still wins. Now you will always have the Joker there nagging you while you play. This is great ,because lets be honest Batman is dull and boring. He needs some Joker to have some fun. Joker is always talking to Batman like Harry Morgan is always talking to Dexter. In the review I said everything has a deeper meaning. The Joker represents Bruce Wayne's humanity slipping away as he learns he is not strong enough to protect Gotham and those he loves.

 The other big reveal is The Arkham Knight's identity. It's Jason Todd, the original Robin. What a surprise! That's sarcasm by the way. It was pretty obvious. It's sad that they decided to do this. I was wanting this big unexpected reveal. So the story goes: Everyone thinks Jason Todd is killed by Joker, but the Joker actually helped Jason realize how much he hated Batman, Then Jason gets a few guns and tries to kill Batman. After that fails he saves Batman from Scarecrow then becomes the vigilante Red Hood. This sucks because we never knew Jason Todd in the Arkham games until now. He should have been in Asylum and City to make the reveal more impactfull... oh well.

Now we finally get to that ending. The true ending, the one you unlock by collecting all 249 riddler trophies. Here it is in case you don't feel like going trophy hunting. (SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED)

So that thing at the end? There are so many different things it could be!!!

1.  There is a new Batman that uses fear toxin as a weapon

2.  Batman survived the blast and becomes one with the bat, Bruce Wayne is no more.

3.  Bruce survives then trains Terry McGinnis to be Batman( Batman Beyond storyline)

4. It's a evil version of Batman that kills people.

5. It's all just a hallucination

6. It's Azreal


I need your help, What do you guys think of the true ending????

Batman Arkham Knight Review

It is very difficult to write about this game without including spoilers, because there are huge plot twists from beginning to end, but I will try my best not spoil anything. I will do a spoiler filled post later talking all about the ending! I can't wait to do that! I am also reviewing the game for the ps4. So it's based on the performance on said console, not on the PC version which is sadly terribly broken.

 Batman Arkham Asylum made history back in 2009 for being the best super hero game ever created. Rocksteady continued that trend in Arkham City by being an even better super hero game. I am happy to report that it hasn't stopped just yet. Arkham Knight is a satisfying end to the series, but leaves you wanting more.
 Gotham city has been evacuated due to a threat from Scarecrow who wants to spill fear toxin all over the place, what a surprise! This dude named Arkham Knight is following Scarecrow around and commands an army that occupies Gotham. This guy must be a batman fanatic because he dresses like him and knows everything about him... what a creep! All jokes aside Arkham Knight is a pretty cool character and adds yet another mystery for the player to figure out. Its a little sad that his reveal wasn't as big as I was hoping (more on that with my spoiler filled post later). With everyone out of Gotham except for Batman, Oracle, Robin, Nightwing, Catwomen, Alfred, Comisoner Gordan, and a slurry of cops, the villians rise up. Villians such as Two Face, Penquinn, Riddler, and much more. These bad guys fill up the free roam aspect of the game. There is tons to do in Gotham and I love how the side missions are set up. It's based more on discovery then just going to a location on the map. That means you continue side missions by exploring and running into things. This system puts you in the world and is something more open world games should follow. Speaking of free roam the dumb riddler trophies are back. I say dumb to be funny, but they are actually kind a fun to collect. The bad thing is that you HAVE to collect all of them to see the true ending. That means Youtube will be busy lol. All this side quest stuff fits into a perfect world which seems small at first but turns out to be gigantic. It is utterly amazing how Rocksteady can make an abandoned city so filled with life. A city that showcases the true power of the new generation of hardware; making the best looking rain you have seen.
 The three pillars of gameplay return: stealth, combat, and exploration. All of which are great. Every new addition to these gameplay elements fit perfectly well. Some notable improvements is the fear system which lets you take out up to five enemies at the same time, and dual play which lets you switch between two characters during combat. The new fourth pillar is the batmobile. This can be used for puzzles, stealth, racing, and combat. All of which work well, but can be over used. I found myself fighting drones with the batmobile two often, and missing the classic gameplay. Don't get my wrong I love the addition of the batmobile ,but they should have used it less often. It also doesn't help the whole Batman doesn't kill policy. It's hard to believe that when you hit a guy going 80 mph while electrocuting them that they don't die. I guess that's just one of those things you have to ignore.
  The story is where Arkham Knight excels giving us twists and turns and missions that never seem like filler. Everything moves the plot along and everything has a deeper meaning. The story is about stopping Scarecrow, but the deeper meaning of Bruce Wayne's struggle is something of literary art that every author or story maker strives for. The story is also very freaky and scary and does many surprising things throughout its course. Everything about the main campaign is great but some of the side quests fall short. This is due to poorly designed boss fights if they are existent at all.
 Batman Arkham Knight is a fitting ending that offers a deeply emotional story that you will never forget. Some side quest stuff falls short and the batmobile is a little overused, but the experience as a whole makes it worth the small imperfections. Batman Arkham Knight gets a 9.6

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I'm was getting email

From people that couldn't get the board to load right. I was thinking we had to many Add a Gadget on the side of the main board the stuff on the right the videos and etc.So I took them down. Making thing kind of simple. I was going to change the color to pink but I'm going that far!Let! We had a few video gadget every-time the site had to check with youtube and than this and that!!! So for now I took them down to see if this would make the site load up better.I was noticing ours people wasn't replying and now I get email said we couldn't get on because the site never loaded up. Plus this is a free setup from google they most likely slow thing down and add that speed to a payfor stuff.Its was never that fast!
I decide Im going with Pink!!!!