Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Last of Us( Remastered and Live)

The game that won over 200 game of the year awards is coming to ps4. This remastered edition comes with an upgrade to graphics and the frame rate(it went from 720p and 30fps to 1080p and 60 fps). You get all the DLCs which include multiplayer maps and Left Behind: a short but powerful story segment about Ellie. Sadly the game is $50 which is keeping me from buying it. Why should I pay full price for a game that I already played? They should of made it 10 dollars for those that already have it like they did with Ghosts and Black Flag. I would really recommend getting this if you haven't played the game before.

I really want to talk about The Last of Us Live. This is one of the greatest things I have seen because it shows how far video games of gotten. It was a one night thing at Santa Monica. Go to 1: 12: 42 to see the actors perform the alternate ending. There was also something they didn't show on the live stream to make it exclusive for those that came. It will never be shown again but I can tell you what it was. A scene set after the events of the game. Joel has a girlfriend and Ellie is distant because of his decision. He then gets a guitar to play and sing for Ellie. Troy Baker did this himself.( I guess he can sing too!) The scene ends with Ellie strumming the guitar.

Go here if it doesn't work
All the voice actors were outstanding as well as the music(they did this last minute).This was so great because it shows that a video games story can even be shown on the stage. Therefore symbolizing the evolution of games. This clearly proves that video games can stand up against all other forms of entertainment.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The News

 1 EA delays Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition
Battlefield used to be an annual release but not anymore.Hopefully this is for the good. We don't want another Battlefield 4, do we? It is delayed into 2015. Dragon age will now be released on November 18th instead of October 7th.

2. Another new hidden blade
Assassin's signature weapon is their hidden blades and it gets another improvement with Unity. Now it's a crossbow! Well, a mini crossbow that shoots hidden blades. You can have one for yourself. That is if you enjoy jumping across rooftops with a hood while wearing ridiculous clothing.

3. Play as Red Hood in Batman Arkham Knight 
Only if you pre- order the game at Gamestop. I hate it when they make pre order exclusives! Maybe it will be a DLC in the future, they usually are. You also get to play as Harley Quinn if you pre- order anywhere. Hopefully you can play a separate campaign for each character. I didn't like how you got new characters on the last one but could only play the challenge maps.

4. Games for charity
Humble Bumble teamed up with square Enix so you can get cheap games for the benefit of charity. For all the info follow the link: https://www.humblebundle.com/

5. Agent Locke in Halo Knightfall 
If you don't know Knightfall is the Halo miniseries going along with Halo 5 Guardians. Agent Locke is with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) where he is sent to investigate terrorists on a human colony. There they find an artifact that sets events forward for the miniseries. Agent Locke will be played by Mike Colter. He has been in   The Good Wife, The Following, and American Horror Story: Coven. He’s also been in films such as Zero Dark Thirty and Million Dollar Baby. He will also be in Halo 5 Guardians.

6. Destiny Beta
It is doing really well. So well that it crashed PSN on it's first day. Most players have been really impressed. Now it is open to Xbox One players too. Sadly I'm not playing it but for those that are make sure you play on Saturday July 26 to get an exclusive emblem. That way you can show that you were part of the game from the very beginning. Just start playing 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern to get the emblem. For those that have been consumed by the game: how is it?

Also don't forget to vote for your best game at E3.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just added Live Chat!

There is now a section called AlbertO's video game talk. Feel free to talk about anything that involves video games, TV, or movies. All you have to do is sign in with facebook or twitter. If you don't want to be known make a chatroll account.(it is very simple) There can only be 10 people on at a time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The controversy around Watch Dogs

When Watch Dogs was first announced, it won several E3 awards and was one of the most anticipated next gen games. The release date got pushed back so Ubisoft could make some finishing touches. Then news came that the graphic capabilities would be minimized for the benefit of better gameplay. Now the game is finally out and there is much controversy around it. Usually reviews for games are in the same proximity but everyone has mixed feelings about Watch Dogs! Some hate it,some love it, and some believe it is average. But almost everyone can agree that it's not as good as that first gameplay video shown at E3. This all adds up to an abundance of disappointed gamers, but the game is still good! Not great but good. There is also an abundance of people that are satisfied with how the game turned out. Now where do I stand? I believe the game is average and would have given it a 8.5 in a review. (This is a fair score in my opinion. Keep in mind that we gave GTA5 a 9.9 out of 10.) A lesson needs to be learned: not to set your expectations to high because this only leads to great frustrations when the game actually comes out. Hatred for this game originates from other sources then just high expectations. Some just think that the game sucks for many reasons. Here are the several complaints about the game and what I believe.
1.The graphics are bad: This is yet another example of the extreme controversy that revolves around this game.There is a whole bunch of people that say the graphics are excellent. How can there be such a gap between the different opinions about the graphics! I don't understand! Usually it is pretty easy to tell between good and bad graphics! I'm going to be in the middle again and say that they are average. The reason why people say they are horrible is because next gen graphics should be much better then this. When compared, GTA5 graphics are of the same quality. Where Watch Dogs succeeds is at night time or in a storm. This is why I say the graphics are average. (side note: The grass in Watch dogs looks terrible. Just wanted to say that.
2. The story and characters are lacking: This complaint brings me to the Transformers movies directed by Micheal Bay. The plot and characters are horrible in these movies. But who cares about the plot when the movie is based on giant transforming robots beating the crap out of each other. It's the same concept with Watch Dogs. When you are standing on a car going 100 mph while using a grenade launcher to blow up  the pursuing vehicles, who cares about the plot! I'm not saying that games should not have good stories, but you have to put a level of critique on it based on the concept of the game. (Just look at Just Cause 2) I enjoyed all the characters in the game except Aiden. They were each unique and a little crazy. Even if there is no sign of character development. Now I did hate the protagonist- Aiden Pearce. Mostly for his voice and he is never very happy.
3. The Vehicles are horrible: This is true; they are really hard to control. But I believe Ubisoft had a reason behind this. The driving in GTA5 is excellent but every vehicle handled the same way. I think Ubisoft was trying to make each vehicle feel different because some are easier to drive then others. But their execution failed.
 My verdict is that the game is pretty good and it does shine in a few aspects. Such as the combat. Both the shooting and stealth mechanics are a ton of fun. The addition of hacking is a good concept that I only see growing in next installments. And the online is excellent. I have had a blast with every mode from free roam to hacking into other players single player game. The online decryption is another great way to spend your time. As you can see there is much controversy surrounding this game. All my friends love it but I go online and many people hate it. I guess it's just a matter of opinion.

What are your thoughts on the Watch Dogs controversy?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBGIi9VA_AI(Graphics comparison 2012 to 2013)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf6eL4z9jyw ( graphic comparision ps3 to ps4/xbox one to PC)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Best of E3 2014(Voting ends July 31)

Best Action Game:Batman Arkham Knight
This series has always been good and with the return of rocksteady this should be the best game yet.

Best Adventure Game: Far Cry 4

 Best Fighting Game: The only one I remember was MORTAL KOMBAT X!!!'  A game with a long history! First in the arcades than on game system Genesis and SuperNES16.Than on other games systems.
Mortal Kombat has been a staple of the fighting genre since the early ‘90s, and the newly revealed tenth installment proves there’s still plenty of excitement for the franchise’s gruesome fatalities. The game features new bone-crunching X-Ray moves, ridiculous match-ending kills, and more original characters than any other roster in the series, ensuring Mortal Kombat X provides plenty of new blood to spray all over your opponents.

 Best Multiplayer: Game:Evolve

The platformer is one of the oldest and most prolific video game genres, yet we’ve never seen one quite like this stylish indie title. Described by Moon Studio’s David Clark as “a Metroid-vania with a heart,” Ori And The Blind Forest features tight and challenging platforming, a vibrant art style, and remarkably fluid animation. The promising downloadable game launches on Xbox One and PC later this year, making it an indie exclusive that Microsoft can be proud of (and Sony can be jealous of).

 Best Racing Game: FORZA HORIZON 2, and the Crew 

 Best Role-Playing Game: My pick would be THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT,while they show others I like The Witcher,

Best Shooter:I like EVOLVE because of its  sci-fi nature! The Division was also good.

Best 3DS Exclusive: ? maybe Code Name S.T.E.A.M,I didn't see this,I got this from a gaming website

Best Vita Exclusive:? again from other website Murasaki Baby

 Best Wii U Exclusive:MARIO MAKER
Super Smash Bros. might have been Nintendo’s most popular game at the show, but in terms of Wii U exclusives, we can’t help getting excited for Mario Maker. For decades, players have dreamt of making their own Super Mario levels, and finally Nintendo is giving us all the opportunity via an easy-to-use level creator. Not only that, but the game actually puts the Wii U’s touchscreen to good use, allowing you to draw in and erase blocks and obstacles with the stylus in a matter of seconds. Now who is going to censor all the platforms shaped like body parts? The video look good plus to be able to make your own level!

Best PlayStation Exclusive: BLOODBORNE
In a year with few surprises and even fewer platform exclusives, Sony pulled off a big reveal that had fans talking for the duration of this year’s E3. From Software’s new action RPG may not have “Souls” in the title, but it follows in the same vein of punishing and rewarding gameplay that the developer is known for. The methodical combat, Victorian gothic environments, and hulking, grotesque beasts all look gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 (despite some framerate hiccups), which is coincidentally the only platform you’ll be able to play it on. Given the increasing popularity of the Dark Souls series, this is a big get for Sony, even if it’s an adventure that goes by a different name.
I like game like this.

 Best Xbox Exclusive:Halo,Forza Horizon 2

Not only Halo 5 but the Master chief collections was really cool to see.

Best Indie: No Man's Sky
This may be my best overall game of e3. I can't wait to play it

Some of these game we saw online during the E3.I look around other web site my list was in agreement with other web sites. So there. Keep in mind we were not at e3 so this is all based on what we saw from at home. Some games were not considered because of lack of presence. Games like Battlefront, Mass Effect, and Uncharted 4. These were basically teased and it wouldn't be fair to include them when we haven't even seen gameplay.

Now its time for you to vote! please vote!

Vote for game of show. What was the best game at E3 overall? Voting ends July 31.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Game list for 2015

Sad thing is most of the game announced at the E3 show are to to be released in 2015 .It look like 2014 is going to be  a slow years for games.
1)Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One, PS4, PC)-2015
Rocksteady is donning cape and cowl for one last go at the Arkham series. This final title in the series will be on PC and new-gen hardware only, so if you want to see who is under the Arkham Knight’s mask (no, the title doesn’t refer to Batman), you’ll have to upgrade.
2) Bloodborne (PS4) - 2015From Software is taking a break from the Souls series to deliver its first PlayStation exclusive since Demon's Souls. The setting might be different, but Bloodborne definitely has a similar feel.
3)Darkest Dungeon (PC) - Early 2015We got hands-on time with this Kickstarted gem at PAX East. It blends elements of XCOM and Dungeons & Dragons, while introducing the stress of dungeoneering into the mix.
4) Dead Island 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PC) - 2015Deep Silver and Yager are teaming up for a brand new take on the Dead Island series. Eight-player cooperative zombie killing is coming next year. 
5)The Devil's Third (Wii U) - 2015
Tomonobu Itagaki's long in-development title suffered a setback with the collapse of THQ. Nintendo has struck a deal with him, and The Devil's Third is now a Wii U exclusive.
6)Dying Light (Xbox One, PS4, PC) - February 2015Techland is continuing its zombie hack-and-slash fighting from Dead Island with publisher WB. The title introduces parkour-style traversal and traps to the mix.
7) The Division (Xbox One, PS4, PC) - April or later 2015Ubisoft Massive’s ambitious, persistent online shooter is an enormous undertaking. We’ve seen developer walkthroughs, but have yet to get our hands on the game or its visually impressive Snowdrop Engine.This is the game I'm interested in the video clip look good,
8)Quantum Break (Xbox One) - 2015Remedy’s latest blends time-bending gunplay with live-action episodes. A full gameplay reveal is planned for Gamescom 2014.
9)Fable Legends (Xbox One) - 2015
Lionhead is mixing up the traditional Fable formula with a new 4v1 approach that puts one player in the role of the villain. With his/her eye in the sky, the mastermind will be able to lay traps and command minions to thwart the heroes.
10)Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One) - 2015Master Chief is bringing a new friend to the party when Halo’s next installment arrives next year. We’re eager to see more of 343 Industries’ next project.Its Halo ,its a shooter not much had change here.
11)Hellraid (Xbox One, PS4, PC) - 2015Techland is simultaneously working on two titles for new-gen hardware and PC. In addition to the zombie-infested Dying Light, it is crafting a demonic first-person hack-and-slash called Hellraid which is being built on a new engine.Another one that looks interesting
12)Homefront: The Revolution (Xbox One, PS4, PC) - 2015Deep Silver and Crytek UK are teaming up to revive the Homefront franchise. The original was released under THQ and developed by Kaos.
13)Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - 2015
Nintendo's pink puff is getting a claymation makeover in his upcoming Wii U title.
14)The Legend of Zelda (Wii U) - 2015We don't know much about the new title, but producer Eiji Aonuma promises an expansive, open world.This is what people with and without a WiiU wanted to see years ago Maybe if they had it back than they would had sold more WiiU.
15)Let it Die (PS4) - 2015
Suda51's next crazy trip looks to be an ultraviolet romp. We saw our first trailer at E3, but are eager to learn more.
16)Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Wii U) - 2015
Mario and Donkey Kong go head-to-head again in this adorable puzzle title. This time out, there are more toys and over 80 puzzles.
17) Mario Maker (Wii U) - 2015
Have you ever dreamed of creating your own death traps for Mario? Now you can, in both classic and "New" 2D styles
18) Massive Chalice (Xbox One, PC) - 2015
Double Fine is entering the strategy arena with its Kickstarted, lineage-based title. ? I hadn't seen a video of this game!SO maybe later on.
19)No Man's Sky (PS4, PC) - 2015
After a stellar first showing at VGX 2013, Sony made a smart play for Hello Games' upcoming exploration title.
20) The Order: 1886 (PS4) - February 20, 2015Ready at Dawn’s first PlayStation 4 game twists the Arthurian legend and melds it with Victorian London. Originally one of 2014's brightest PS4 stars, The Order: 1886 will now shine in 2015.They show this one last year but it another interesting game
21)Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC) - 2015
We knew this was coming, but we were glad to see the first bit of Lara Croft's new adventure at E3.Yes another one that I would get!
22)Scalebound (Xbox One) - 2015
Platinum is wrapping up Bayonetta 2 for Nintendo, but we know the studio has struck a deal for its next title. Scalebound has a flashy aesthetic and large monsters to ride and fight alongside. Yes another one I like and look interesting
23)Splatoon (Wii U) - 2015Nintendo's accessible, paint-splattered title brings arena shooters to the Wii U with a clever use of the Gamepad for real-time mapping.
24) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4) - 2015
Nathan Drake might be about to go on his last adventure, at least that's what Naughty Dog would have us believe from not-so-subtle audio cues in the E3 trailer. I don't think it would be the last game of the series.I do hope to see good online game play!and NO LOADING!
25)The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One, PS4, PC) - February 24, 2015CD Projekt bumped the conclusion to Geralt’s story from 2014 into early next year. The studio believes that the few extra months are necessary to deliver the experience fans expect. We suspect The Witcher fans are willing to wait.
26)Yoshi's Wooly World (Wii U) - 2015Nintendo has put a new title on Yarn Yoshi, and the title is looking like a gorgeously crocheted blanket.
This isn't the compete list ,They are just the one that look interesting.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let me just say

That Spike TV is one major fuck up. You can tell who pay them off because they show only the Xbox press show and few other than they had to stop their coverage of E3 to show a tv show that was 10 years old. At least with G4 their coverage was for all 3 days.
Now they had it where they stream it on the net. But how about the people that don't have high speed net work. But I want to watch the show on a big tv and not a PC tv. This suck but after many people bitch at Spike TV about not showing the whole E3 show. Spike don't care about it viewship.
Now also some of the press show wasn't that good at all. Ubisofts,EA,Xbox,Sony(The first one was bad and the last one was good) and that same women was at Ubsoft press. Some people like her and some people don't .I don't know
I was excepting to see something about Resident Evil 7,Silent Hill for the PS4 and xbox 1 but so far nothing,Both game system had some good first party games. I was hoping to see more new games but they show indie games(when I said they I mean PS4/Xbox1) which was good but they don't reach the games you like COD,Castlevania etc.  They show Dead Island was good,The first one was a very bug rid game it was ok, This one look very good.
Ubisoft show Rainbow 6 which is ok and Play game in co op look like they are jumping on that bandwagon. I guess it good if you can find good people to play with.  I like the AC game and the Tomb Raider game .Both side PS4 and Xbox had some good games for their system plus xbox people had announce that they would get their DLCs first for COD (thanks for reminding Helper)
New stuff.Im glad to see that they are making single play top in their gaming plan. And it looking  like they aren't just going to add online game play to every game,Come let face it some of that this addon online game play wasn't any good,
But the online game play are changing I hope for good.They are willing to try something else instead of team deathmatch and etc. And most of them are adding co-op in game plus they are giving players the opportunity to seamlessly move between solo play and engaging with others.

 Rainbow Six Siege the players alternately in the roles of terrorist and tactical response team. This title looks to be fast-paced, pushing teams to communicate, lay smart defenses (or breach them creatively), and execute on a plan that is constantly in flux. .Hey at least they are trying something new here.
They show Sony’s Project Morpheus.Which is virtual reality environment for head-mounted displays! It wouldn't be ready until 2016! This isn't new they try this before way back in the 16 bit years it didn't work out kind of like 3D tv you need eyeglasses for each person.This would also have to be cheap below $20 or cheaper from what I saw it would cost too much.Plus they would need a way to all dress this for people that wears eyeglasses to see like me! I think it wouldn't be ready even in the year 2016 they are talking about
More meaningful Open World game like  Dragon Age: Inquisition, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and The Witcher 3 herald a new age of player agency. All three of these titles bring player choice out of dialog trees and into gameplay. But more games like AC,GTA etc ,Even action  type of games.
Return of Horror base games. Resident Evil used to be like this before they turn it into just another COD type of game a shooter. I hope they return Resident Evil back to it roots  but with modern controls and camera
The Evil Within, which had a rough showing at PAX East, was expectedly delayed to give Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks more time. Based on what we saw at E3, things are looking up. Mikami is the father of survival horror, and we’re relieved that his newest title is going to make us tense.
Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age is another title that is evoking a gothic horror feel. While the cooperative nature of the gameplay is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, the close camera and freakish nature of the enemies are definitely designed to terrify. Procedural generation of environments and objectives will keep players on their toes. Games that scare us!!
Japan gaming company are become strong again, The video game market has shifted over the past twenty years, as western studios rose and Japanese development ebbed. If this E3 shows us anything, it’s that balance is returning.
With game like Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within), Bloodborne (From Software), Kojima Productions (Metal Gear Solid V), all had extremely strong showings at E3 2014. They join Nintendo’s studios, which laid out a plan for the future that could elevate the Wii U’s standing (if the publisher can better manage its development pipeline).
Swery is still prepping D4 for Xbox One, Suda51’s newly announced Let it Die, Platinum Games has exclusives for Wii U (Bayonetta 2) and Xbox One (Scalebound) in the works, and Atlus continues to bring some of Japan’s greatest to western shores.
Japanese developers are regaining their footing, and this generation should see a return to balance and a more diverse range of experiences because of it.
I like Scalebound and KIllerwithin look good as well.

 I have more but wait for it

Nintendo Stuff at E3

Of course there is Super Smash Brother for the WiiU but I was excepting this, They have said you can use Mii's . They come in three varieties. Brawlers, swordfighters, and gunners,oh well
Wii U  version will work with its recently announced Skylanders-like interactive toys called Amiibo!

Super Smash Brother for  3DS
While the Wii U Smash Bros is gigantic, the portable version is coming out first this October. Nintendo said it is working to bring all the characters and levels to this game as well. The 3DS fighter was originally intended to debut this summer, but it now won’t arrive until early fall.

Nintendo’s interactive toys is now known as Amiibo. The figurines won’t only support Super Smash Bros. It will also work with the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 and Skylanders: Trap Team sequels to give the Wii U version exclusive features.The company is also promising that it is working on additional titles of its own that incorporates Amiibo.That includes going back and patching Amiibo support into Mario Kart 8 for Wii U, which debuted late last month.

 Yoshi Wooly World: A few years ago they done this with Kirby’s Epic Yarn! But this time it Yoshi turn! A game that includes interesting fabric-based gameplay. Co-op will enable players to work together by swallowing and shooting one another around the levels.Wooly World is coming in 2015.

Zelda for the WiiU : Many people had been begging for this games.  For Wii U, the new Zelda will put the hero Link into a massive open world. See mountains in the background? Those aren’t decorations, you can walk to those and climb them. They show some of the game at the press thing it looks ok. But it don't have the graphic details like a xbox or PS 3 or 4. But for a WiiU it was detail for that system. it due out in 2015

Nintendo only know how to makes Pokemon games we have Pokemon Omega Rudy and Alpha Sapphire! Nintendo showed off the first gameplay of these classics running on 3DS. The updated remakes will use the same engine that powers X and Y, which means fully 3D worlds and highly detailed battles.

 Bayonetta 2 this game has been announced for some time,its finally getting a release date
Nintendo’s partnership with Platinum Games will some produce some delicious, brawling fruit. The two companies showed off a new trailer of the titular witch Bayonetta taking on hordes of demons.
The game is due out in October for Wii U. The video was fast so I thing you might be getting the first Bayonetta too! The first game was on the PS3

 Zelda:Hyrule Warriors
The developer responsible for Dynasty Warriors is taking on the Zelda franchise in this new collaboration. This will have players taking control of Link, Zelda, Impa, and more to fight off endless waves of enemy grunts.It is due out Sept. 30 for Wii U.

 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Nintendo is finally introducing a sequel to one of the DS’s best games, Kirby’s Canvas Curse. The new release is on Wii U, but it will still have players drawing lines to control a rolling Kirby. The gameplay established itself as something new and different on DS, and we haven’t seen anything like it since. It is due out in 2015.

Monolith Soft has finally revealed the name for the Wii U game known as X. It is Xenoblade Chronicles X, which makes it the latest entry in the Xeno franchise. The game will have players battling in mechs in an action role-playing game in 2015.

 Captain Toad:Treasure Tracker
 In Super Mario 3D World, players got the chance to solve puzzles with Captain Toad. Now he is getting his own game that is nothing but these 3D brain-stumpers. It is due out soon.

You can made your own Mario Brother game  on The WiiU with Mario Maker will have you using the GamePad to place items, obstacles, and powerups — and then you can share it with friends. Finally, I can make my re-re-re-remix of all my favorite levels from the franchise.

Nintendo is making a shooter — although, as you might expect, it won’t feature ultraviolence. Instead, players play as squids who shoot ink. It’s team based, and the point isn’t necessarily to kill one another. Instead, four-person squads fight to cover as much of the environment in their colored ink before time runs out. But you can also turn into a human to fire your weapons at each other, although you won’t win if you get the most kills.It is due out soon.

  Star Fox
Nnintendo teased this game, but we won’t see more until later into E3. It looks like another entry in the space-shooter genre.

Fantasy Life:A new RPG from Level-5.

There was a little more

Sony Press Conference Summary

This is just a summary of what happened. We will have our opinions in a future post. We have everything that happened in a clear format for those that missed the conference.

1. Destiny(Playstation only beta,contant,and map)


2. White Ps4 with Destiny bundle


3. The Order 1886 (exclusive)


4. Entwined (exclusive)


5. Infamous Second Son DLC First Light(exclusive)


6. LittleBigPlanet 3(exclusive)



7. Bloodborne (exclusive)


8.Far Cry 4 (Psn friends can join even if they don't have the game)


9. Dead Island 2(Exclusive beta and character class)


10. Diablo 3 Last of Us mode (exclusive, I don't know the real name of it)

11. Battlefield Hardline


12. Disney Infinity 2 collecters edition(exclusive)

13.  Magicka 2


14. Grim Fandango Remastered(exclusive)


15. 5 Indie Indie games(exclusive)


16. Let It Die(exclusive)


17. ABZU (exclusive)


18. No Mans Sky (first on Playstion)


19. Project Morpheus(exclusive)


20. Youtube on PS4 (compatible with share)

21. Free to Play Games


22. Playstation Now (public beta July 31 and more then 100 ps3 games)

23. Playstation Vita games


24. Playstation TV($99)


25. Mortal Combat X


26. Playstation Exclusive TV series: Powers(1st episode free and PS Plus can see whole series for free)

27. Ratchet and Clank Movie


28. Ratchet and Clank Remastered for PS4

29. Last of Us Remastered 


30. Medal Gear Solid Phantom Pain


31. GTA5 for ps4 (transfer progress from ps3 and xbox 360)


32. Batman Arkham Knight


33. Uncharted 4 A Theif's End