Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out thoughts on ps4 launch titles and upcoming games

With the ps4 you can play:

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag  Ubisoft Retail
Battlefield 4  DICE Retail
Blacklight: Retribution (Beta)   Zombie Studios PSN / F2P
Call of Duty: Ghosts* Infinity Ward Retail
Contrast  Compulsion Games PSN / PS+
DC Universe Online* Sony Online Entertainment PSN / F2P

FIFA 14* EA Sports Retail
Flower (Cross-Buy)  ThatGameCompany PSN
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition  NetherRealm Studios Retail
Just Dance 2014  Ubisoft Retail
Killzone Shadow Fall  Guerilla Games Retail
Knack SCE Japan Studio Retail
LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes* TT Games Retail
Madden NFL 25* EA Sports Retail
NBA 2K14* Visual Concepts Retail
NBA Live 14* EA Sports Retail
Need for Speed: Rivals  Ghost, Criterion Retail
PlayRoom  Sony Pack-in
Resogun  Housemarque PSN / PS+
Skylanders Swap Force* Vicarious Visions Retail
Sound Shapes (Cross-Buy)  Queasy Games PSN
Super Motherload  XGen Studios PSN
Trine 2: The Complete Story  Frozenbyte PSN
Warframe Digital Extremes PSN / F2P

Sony has a decent amount of games to pick from but only a few are big budget games like Killzone, Call of Duty, and AC. And only two of these big budget games are playstation exclusives: Knack and Killzone. But there are a lot of exclusives that are not that big which are Warframe, resogun, etc. These games are also free with ps plus. So far we have only played Battlefield Killzone and AC. We will have reviews up soon. Sony had a few big exclusive titles but there is still not a lot to play.

The future of ps4 games: There is Deep Down which is really confusing but may be good. The order
 1886 Which will be a linear based game set in a alternate past, it looks really promising and I think it will be like Uncharted. Infamous Second Son: I cant wait, and much more

What do you think of the ps4 launch titles and what game are you looking forward to?


  1. Still Nothing I want to play I still waiting for Castlevania thank for info about this game got part 1 waiting for part 3

    1. Wrote this as well!

  2. Plus the new game system cost to much money that is what my parent said. They said I have to get a job.Now Im working to buy 1!My parent said game system should cost no more than $200!Anything over this its not a toy any more plus anything over $200 mean I have to go to work while playing football while swimming,while keeping my grade up,while buying gas for the car. I might just forget about it for a while.

  3. Yes there are lot of spoil kids out there but its better than the way we used to treat kids. But I think they when to far. Like if you spank your kid they can come in arrest you but at the same time if your kids cause harm they arrest you for not controlling your kid. I still spank my kid and put him and her to work, there is no of this coming home and going into there room and spend time all night playing video game and other PC stuff. My have to pay for everything food, electric bill, Dish, internet service etc.My kid will know how to make a living and how to work for what they want,if you just give your kid a car, the new game system,that is bad for the kid. Plus my kids still said Yes sir and no Sir!

  4. So far there are no game that I want,so Im going to save my cash for when they start releasing game like Infamous and uncharted and another Tomb Raider and maybe another Last of us and Resident Evil (a good one this time) Silent hill.
    Plus I would like for people to talk about games here and not all the spoil kids that get everything! Can we talk about game and game system here Please?!

    1. Yes please.Talk about games. Im waiting for Castlevania game next month.

  5. Battlefield and Cod are both screw up games .My friend Battlefield single player game save was no good and could be read by the PS4.This was after going through the whole game. Online issues with both game. How can they get away with releasing broken games like that? After this happen I decide to hold off even paying any gaming system until they get the game I wat to play like God of War and Uncharted:the dream game where both the single and online game play is good. But I do like the old UC 3. I meant a crazy guy name Crazy al 1999 there. He just jump around and dance and I could never kill him until he when around the corror and he broke my back dam it plus I hit him 100 times but that is what I like!

    1. Sometime acting Crazy in a video is good.At time playing UC I get more kills by just knocking people out. I wanted a mode where that is the only way to kill someone.Yes I had hold off buying any new gaming system because the main fact there aren't any game I want to play. Maybe after they get some new games or Uncharted or SIlent Hill Or RE.Plus Im kind of waiting for a price to drop.Im just being cheapo but the fact is in every new game system launch you have to wait sometime before they come out with the games you really want.Im waiting for CastlevaniaLOS2 to show up this should keep me busy plus I have other games to get done

    2. Yes I think I play a few game of UC with Crazy al! He was just running around and dancing and I when after him and we was running around this thing.one time he run right past me and than I shot at him and he turn behind something and I when another way and he end up behind me and there goes the beat down. He done this to me two time after that I left him alone and go after a easier target!Than on another game he done better than me he kill about 12 people and he was playing the game the not crazy way! I send him a friend request ,than we play COD on the PS3 and he when out in the open and this draw out all the people to try to shot him before this we didn't know where they are because for some reason they don't show up on the radar. But he when out there and got kill but he cause the other team to show where they are and we wipe them out.Good job to bad he don't have any microphone.

  6. Need for Speed: Rivals is the game for me!

  7. I was hoping to see Skyrim up there maybe next years.