Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Thoughts on Uncharted Multiplayer

It's crazy! Thats the only way to describe it. Many people don't like Uncharted multiplayer but i personally think it is extremely fun. The shooting is annoying because naughty dog changes the health system vey often and it gets frustrating. It seems like they cant decide how they want it! A few months ago it didn't even take half a clip to kill someone. A few weeks ago it was half a clip and now it takes a ful clip to kill someone. JUST CHOICE A SETTING AND STICK WITH IT. They had a lab recently called crushing and it was amazing because the health was just right. Not to much not to little. Then they changed it! They need to have it like that for every mode! I am not complaining about how many shots it take because i like the idea of having a lot of health. It makes for a extremely fun, crazy, and ,mcoming up any tes, frustrating experience. I love that Naughty dog still supports the game. They are always adding new guns, customs, and modes. Every mode in uncharted is great! There is regular team deathmatch but also modes like Three team deathmatch, euncharted 2) plunder op arena, co op adventure, co-op shades, the lab, and the objective mode. Each and every one is extremely fun. There is also a custom game were you can do almost anything to the settings form health sytem to respown time. There are many silly outfits like the egg nest and yeti mask. There is also extremely funny taunts. The lab is probably one of the best modes; they change it up every month or so. It is where they experiment with all types of modes. There is rpgs only, grenade launcher only, a few shots kill, and much much more. Right know they have a fun block mesh lab. There was also a block mesh lab with zip lines going every where kind of like bioshock infinate.

I love uncharted 3 multiplayer because it is just crazy! You never know what funny stuff you will run into. You will start laughing every time you play it. I like call of duty multiplayer too(i gave it a 9.9) but i also like uncharted multiplayer. Uncharted 3 multiplayer is not to take seriously; it is just a game to play for fun. It is not realistic but thats what makes it so crazy and most importantly fun!!!

There is always custom guns and outfits for holidays.

There are 75 ranks and 5 legacy(prestige)

One of the many block mesh labs


  1. Its a great online game with good and fun game play. The COD people take the game a little crazy.

  2. Is just for fun and not for the COD and Battlefield people.

  3. I like this game,Its just fun.

  4. I love this game

  5. The People on COD or Battlefield goes nut all that bitching and saying fuck,you;re gay. People playing Uncharted are just having fun,and that is the way it should be