Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bethesda at E3!

1. Doom Single Player Gameplay- Very fast and crazy

2. Doom Multiplayer

3. Doom user creations- Anyone can make anything with the new mode, Doom snapmap

4. is a site all about Bethesda where people can share their creations

5. Battlecry Worldwide beta sign ups available 

6. Dishonored 2 trailer reveals 2 playable characters

7. Dishonored definetive addition announced for Fall release date

8. Elder Scrolls Online new editions trailer

9.  Elder Scrolls Legends is a free to play stragetic card game for PC and I pad

10.  Fallout 4 gameplay shows female character, new dynamic character with a voice, and new additions

11. Real pip boy introduces second screen experience for Fallout 4

12. Fallout shelter is a new free mobile game where you get to make your own vault. Not to mention that its out now

13.  New crafting components in Falout 4 includes building your own shelter and defending it

14.  Fallout 4 trailer reveals release date: 11-10-15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I was expect them to show Doom and to have a crazy run and shoot single player and online game play and to design your own level which might be great but they better make in very simple,LOL!!!!! I like to explore around,which I like in the older Doom games,I just hope they find a way to have a flashlight on your gun!!! Those whom play the older Doom game know what I'm talking about.I was hoping they would have something on the next Dishonored game and they had it.I always thought that game need a part 2.I like the way you could play the game the way you wanted to.I play the game and kill everyone I saw,than I play it again and only kill 3 people,I couldn't believed that!!!! There was less rats around but if you kill everyone the city turn into rat city!!The new Dishonored is looking good,it would be out until 2016 or later on! Now the cell phone are getting some games.I like the Fallout shelter game. Elder Scrolls Online looks good... But now if you didn't pick the next gen gaming system you have or play it on the PC. The last time I play Skyrim well I was playing on everyone side until whatever side bug me the most like the Assassins,I could never find out whom put the contact out on me,so I had to kill everyone!!!! Plus I when into a cave and start become vampire but I got over that. I hope they made going through the door,every door on skyrim meant a 30sec loading and than there was another door which meant another 30 sec loading.Now I might get the new Elder Scrolls game. Now for Battlecry Worldwide is more of hack and slash game than COD online game,the guns on Battlecry Worldwide look like up and close and one thing no sniper gun which I don't like when playing online COD2 or Battlefield.I love the crazy run and shoot type of game play not someone just shooting from a distance when I get into game like that where the whole team pick sniper.I just quit. I wish they had a zone just for the sniper player and allow the other people just to play it without the sniper guns. OH yes Battlecry Worldwide look interesting. But after playing games like The Witcher or Skyrim,I want to just shoot someone,so you can just throw Doom into the game system.Fallout 4 looking very good.I like that you can just grab everything and make some else you need,in the past game you sell items like that,So I think I would pic a area and build may place which in this game you don't have to.Or you don't have to build anything! Build me my place and throw all my stuff inside the area to keep the things. I like you can have power to run lights and guns and after you build your fortress,you can start a town or not!!!In the old Fallout you just clean out a place and make it your home until one day someone was inside my bloodyhome!!I like the open game type of Fallout,you can just go that away and see what over the next hill or next building or go on the mission..It didn't disappoint me.It look like that company is going to get some of my cash in the next couple of years. Now I really have to pick a next gen system!!!!Soon.