Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playstation Press Conference

The fist game they show is a game called Beyond:Two Souls.Its was made by the same people that done Heavy Rain.You get to live out the life story of Jody Holm's(Ellen Page) The trailer of this game was great it shows that she has some power of the supernatural force inside of her.They are both connected.In the video she beat a whole SWAT team!
This link has all the videos for all the games we wanted to show you.

The next game was Sony's take on a super Nintendo's game Super Smash Brother(Wii)! This Sony game is called Playstation All -Stars Battle Royale.They announced two addition people Nathan Drake(Uncharted) and Big Daddy(Bioshock).Also this game support the PS3/PS Vita Cross Play with this you can play online on each game system.

Jack then introduced cross gameplay between littlebigplanet ps3 and vita. The vita will also work kind of like a remote. There will be cross gameplay when it comes to online. The DLC that all of this is coming in will inclusive a new story campaign. This is only one example of cross gameplay from the vita and ps3. Looks like everyone is coping the WiiU.

Jack announced some new PSN indie games 200 all together will be releasing over the year. PSN Plus for $5/month and free games(free game!! YES FREE GAMES!) They already have 12 out and will be releasing more as time goes on some examples are Infamous 2,Littlebig planet2 and Saints Row.Jack giveaway one year free for PSN Plus for every one at the E3 Sony conference.
PS Vita will get PS1 games download from PSN network. PS Vita will get all that TV,movies, music thing that most people don't use.COD is coming to the PS Vita this Christmas 2012.,and Assassin's Creed; Liberation you will play a female assassin this time around and is set in year 1769 in the USA 5 years before AC3!
Both to be released OCT 30 2012.

They also show AC3 with naval battle gameplay

FarCry 3 announced 4 player co-op. They show many island to go to and a build your own island.And you will get a DLC just for the PS3

PS3 Move was show plus  they show Wonderbook which is a good idea but it didn't work out so well,at the press conference. They show a Book of Spells base on the Harry Potter which was written by J. K. Rowling. I think this is a good idea.Like he said just imagine  going to another planet or into Charlie Dickes...!! Or they could do one base on The Walking Dead LOL,LOL!!!!!RE6 or FarCry!!LOL. The problem is that that announced was boring and long plus one of there spells didn't work live in front of everyone!

They announced another thing in which you can used your Ipod and phone to play game on the PSN_Playstation_Mobile.

They finally show the game I was waiting for God Of War :Ascension,Released date March 12,2013(it look like I have to get the old GOW done before this time LOL),it show the same gameplay plus a time go back power that was new,in which you can cause time to go back to rebuild building and platform so you can get to the next stage.This game is for the PS3.

They show  Last of US from naught dog the people that did uncharted. The gameplay showed Joel taking Ellie through a group of survivors. These people are not really bad guys they are just trying to survive too. The world is harsh as the plants and fungus grow taking it over. The gameplay was awesome and intense. You only have a small amount of ammo so you have to be smart. There are many ways to get through enemies you get to choose how. In the Demo the AI seemed really smart definitely Ellie. One time Joel was out of ammo so she throw a brick at the guy another time a guy has Joel on the ground and she ran up to stab him. Then the demo ended with a shotgun to the face.

What did you think of the playstation conference. Please comment bellow.


  1. Good they have GOW,The last of US,Far cry3.I don;t really care about this non game stuff about using our cell phones..

    1. I agree but everyone is doing it xbox has smartclass

  2. Yes! Another game from the uncharted people.

  3. How come everyone is copy what the Wii and the WiiU is doing can't they think of new ideas for theirsefl.

    1. Because they have no brains.They would be safe when the zombie attack