Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My First Impressions of Fallout 4

This game has been hyped like no other and it deserves all the attention. I have been playing for a long time but haven't even gotten to the second main mission. From what I have seen this could easily take game of the year(or Witcher 3, its going to be close)!

Fallout 4 does everything you want in a game. It has great combat and exploration. It can be crazy and serious at the same time. It is a truly special moment in gaming.

It is amazing how the combat is 100 times better then past fallout games but it still doesn't loose its RPG feel. The new crafting system is great for guns, and armor. This extends to settlements which may feel slightly clunky but you can create some awesome things.

Another improvement is the dialogue system which resembles The Witcher 3 but in Fallout you get to craft your character into anything you want him/her to be. Everything is intertwined with gameplay; that means no more menus when looting or picking your dialogue option.

The graphics are very good during the day but can get kind of ugly in different weather and times of day. It doesn't lesson the experience at all though.

There is so much to do and competing factions. Not to mention just getting distracted and exploring. Unlike other Fallout games this one is densely populated with either people, quests, or things to explore.

This is only scratching the surface of what a masterpiece this game is. This was a rushed post but that's only because I need to play more Fallout 4!

P.S. I may write a review but that will probably take a while! I haven't even completed everything in New Vegas and that isn't for a lack of trying! Fallout 4 is also the reason for our absence of promised Uncharted reviews.

   My character; I went for the normal look. Alberto's character will be all kinds of crazy

Planting is always fun! This is part of the settlement building. At the top is all the things you need to keep people happy. You know water, food, and what not.

 In Fallout 4 power armor makes you extremely powerful but you need these "thingamabobs" to power it. There is also a crafting component for power armor.

This freak-in city is made in a baseball field

Me shooting some feral ghoul. They are very aggressive in this one!

Just because...

Relationship!! Oh yeah!!! 

It's so beautiful! 

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