Monday, June 15, 2015

Xbox at E3

1.  Halo 5 Guardians gameplay

2. Halo 5 Warzone multiplayer mode

3.  World premier of Recore 

4.  Xbox One backwards compatibility allows xbox 360 games on the Xbox One via disc or digital. You won't have to pay for any games you already have!

5. Xbox Elite wireless controller announced with interchangeable parts

6.  Same Fallout 4 gameplay from the Bethesda conference with some added combat sections. The biggest part is that mods can be played and shared on Xbox One

7. EA Access presentation: advertising the service and announcing that Titanfall as well as Dragon Age inquisition will be added. Gold members can try out the service for free this week.

8. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 trailer

9. Forza Motorsport 6 Trailer

10. Dark Souls 3 trailer 

11. The Division trailer with the announcement of Xbox Exclusive beta

12.  You get Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 and 2 for free with Rainbow Six Siege

13. Gigantic Trailer

14. Indie games presentation with emphasis on Tacoma, Ashen, Beyond Eyes, and Cuphead

15.  Xbox games preview allows access gaming for games still in development

16. Ion Trailer

17. Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay demo

18. Rare Replay brings 30 Rare games to one disc.

19. Rare's new game: Sea of Thieves

20. Free to play Fable Legends

21. Xbox Partner with Oculus Rift 

22. Minecraft with Xbox Hololens demo

23.  Originals Gears of War Ultimate edition announced for Xbox One

24. Gears 4 Demo

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