Saturday, May 11, 2013

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem part two!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem  is a game I was hoping they would make part 2 and now it appears that I would get my wish . Its called  Shadows of the Eternals. In the game Of Eternal Darkness. You play many people from across  history and you are against the darkness and you play the people of light, The human leader if you could called him human any more is a Roman general Pious Augustus. You see there are
The Ancients are depicted as godlike beings that existed on Earth before humanity. The three Ancients that Pious may align with were expelled from this universe, and Pious works to bring about the return of his Ancient. The featured Ancients are:
  • Ulyaoth, whose powers focus on magick and the dimensional planes: his creations are tinged blue, and they specialize in magickal damage. Ulyaoth's form is reminiscent of a jellyfish.
  • Xel'lotath, whose powers focus on the mind and insanity: her underlings are tinged green, and have an affinity for affecting sanity. Xel'lotath has an eel-like lower body, with four slender arms connected to a torso with a large eye in the center.
  • Chattur'gha, whose powers focus on physical strength and matter: his troops are tinged red, and focus on physical attacks and toughness. Chattur'gha is crustacean-like in appearance, and has two large claws.
  • Mantorok is described as the "Corpse God" and the "God of Chaos", and is the only Ancient known to have a physical presence on Earth. Its minions are tinged black and its magick is purple. Mantorok appears to be in a position of inferiority to the other Ancients (its only identified creatures are weak, skeletal zombies), due to a powerful binding spell cast by Pious. It is, however, described as the "Keeper of the Ancients", and maintains equilibrium among the other three Ancients, ensuring that they are bound to fight against and destroy one another. Mantorok is a massive, amorphous being with countless eyes and mouths, somewhat reminiscent of a Shoggoth. The murals of its temple depict it as once having a more defined, but still very grotesque shape.
A fifth alignment, colored yellow, was confirmed to be the alignment of another Ancient that was not included in the game.In-game, yellow appears on unaligned runes and disintegrating enemies.
These god like being wish to be reborn into the human world if they do that human kind would be forever in darkness.
Nintendo own this game ,it looks like the Wii U will have a worthwhile game after all, its a shame that it wouldn't be on the other games system. If its good I might have to get a Wii U or maybe not, to get a game system just for one game or wait until it goes way down and pick it up for $10!!! We see LOL!!!!



  1. Yes a great game for the WiiU . I do hope it would be for all the game systems.I don't like buying a game system just to play one game but I had done this before just to play GOW. Back than I only had the PC.

  2. Good...I only wish they made it for the xbox360

    1. You can wish for anything but still wouldn't happen. Nintendo own part of the game and they aren't going to allow that game to be on any other game system. I don't know how it it got on the PC?? Maybe big N doesn't consider PC a serious gaming platform to worry about!

  3. I like how the old game mess with you.One time it said that my memory gaming data was deleted but it was just the game screw with you if your sanity meter got below a certain level.Like one time my head just blow up and the body was walking around but again it was the way the game was.This was one of the best games on the gamecube and was surprised that Nintendo put out a game like this,it show blood and etc. They was on that games for the kid which meant only PG rated games. But now they need to get with it and get into the 21 century. They aren't going to be at E3 this leave it open the Sony and Mirosoft a mistake,they are going to have one there WiiU press thing, A mistake,they need to get out there to the general public,most of the people on that Nintendo thing already have a WiiU.They need to get into other people minds and well they know how to do it,they dne it with the Wii.