Sunday, May 19, 2013

My quick Bioshock thingy

I'm going to come to a quirky review, If you like the last 2 games of this great series you will like this one too. The take on history is very interesting. I still just looking around which had slow this review up. Oh well. This happen before the last two game . In this game its 1915 and you are in a floating city. in the first 2 game in the series you get there after the shit hits the fan,in this game people are still normal,if you can called the most racist people ever normal but than after you get there thing start going bad!You have great powers and weapons. Its a great game, never play the online game let. So like I said a few sentence ago if you like the last two games you will like this one too  .I will do a better one later on......Thank to all of you for visiting but please reply it really easy just push reply and there you go.... Hey I just do this for fun anyway there are better thing to do like right now i'm hungry so after this I'm going to get something to eat


  1. I was think of getting BS 1 and 2 to get catch up with the story but you said that this new BS has a dif story line than the other so what should I do just get this new BS 3 or get the old BS game?

  2. Dude you would be ok getting all the BS games. But I must said I like this one better. I do hope you got something to eat!! LOL
    I been away on a job.But I'm back..

  3. I love this game...And its easy to start looking at everything because you might find something you would need,