Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ps Vita Reviews!

Uncharted Golden Abyss Review

I really have to praise Bend studios for not messing it up. They did excellent with making uncharted a mobile game even if there is a few mess ups. The graphics are just amazing; it looks like a uncharted game for the ps3. The water sun rays and everything look excellent. All the button based controls work fine but touchscreen is when we meet some problems. It is really annoying to touch on the person to hit him. I find myself getting killed due to the touch controls when it comes to melee combat. Also you have the ability to move the vita like your aiming the gun. Its much easier using the good old analog stick. The most annoying thing is having to cut down branches with your machete. At times it is very tedious and time consuming. I do like using the touchscreen to help Drake climb. It gives your tired thumbs a break. The gameplay is excellent with platforming, puzzles, and shooting. It is nothing new but it works well with the vita. On the console versions of uncharted Nate would have this handy journal that conveniently holds all the answers. Bend studios actually improves on that. In golden abyss you have to fill out the journal on the way which makes the puzzles more challenging and fun. Most (maybe all) puzzles include touchscreen which is a good thing. You will also have a camera so you can take pictures during the game. These pictures also help in puzzles. You will have to replay the campaign if you want to find all the mysterious and treasures. All the characters deliver excellent dialogue that you expect from a uncharted game. But Sully is definently the funniest one and will be everyones favorite. ( not including Drake) The story is good but you I expected more for a uncharted game.

Bend Studio did a excellent job with this game. The puzzle system is someting that Naugthy dog needs to look at and put in uncharted 4( hopefully they are making it!!!!) Uncharted Golden Abysis has some hicups but still deserves a good score of 8.0

Gravity Rush Review

Let me start out by saying this is a weird game but that doesn't mean its bad. Its far from bad and may be the best ps vita game on shelves. The story follows Kat and her gravity powerd cat. It is interesting but very odd. This is a free roam game with callanges and conversations you can have around the city. Along with the epic story missions. The Vita controls work excellent and the powers are great. Kat can control gravity and has to stop the evil Nevi. Some of the nevi are really hard to beat but you can upgrade throughout the game. The story is perfect length and never falls short.

This game may be to odd for some but it is definently a outstanding game even if Kat's sound effects do get annoying. Gravity Rush gets a 9.4


  1. Yes Gravity Rush is a goo game but Uncharted game just had too manytime where you had to use that tourch thiygn,what happen to the pushing that button / Me did not like this or any game call Uncharted,me and brother likes only Call o dut! The only game you neeeds

  2. Bill the younger oneSeptember 24, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    Uncharted is a good game and so was Gravity Rush. Gravity Rush is kind of off beat but the cat I wish I could turn the cat and her voice off!