Sunday, January 15, 2012

Castlevania:Lords of Shadows

For the Xbox 360 and PS 3(I played the Xbox 360 version)
This is a reboot of the series
Lords of Shadow introduces us to Gabriel Belmont, a member of a holy order of knights called the Brotherhood of Light. These guys are like the Jedi of Castlevania, protecting the normals from everything that wants to kill and eat them. Gabriel wants to save the world from the Dark Lords, but he also has a more personal stake in the mission: he is out for revenge for the death of his childhood sweetheart. He is look for a mask that is said to bring the dead back to life
(as you know that Belmont family are vampire killer in the older game)
You scale walls while carefully looking for surfaces to cling to and your trusty Combat Cross can be used as a grappling hook to swing to new heights. These are some of the more enjoyable bits in Lords of Shadow.
Gabriel has an interesting light/dark magic system at his disposal. When light magic is active he will heal himself by attacking enemies. With dark magic he deals extra damage. Fallen enemies refill the magic meter of your choice, but not if magic is active. The system provides a welcome layer of strategy to the button-mashing combat. These magic also come into play in many of the game's puzzles
This Castlevania's greatest assets are its dazzling vistas and scenic design. Each level has a distinct look and architectural style, ensuring your eyes will never be bored. No camera control is major let down, the game has some great graphic but you can't just look around! Anybody that know me,know that I like to look at everything.
Good voice acting. Patrick Stewart lends his voice to Zobek, Gabriel's fellow Brotherhood member and partner in crime, and acts as narrator.
There are 2 DLC s , called The Resurrection and Reverie both add more detail to the main story.
I recommend Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Rating 8.0


  1. I think the game should have a higher points like 10...

  2. Its a old but good game,

  3. You are right about this game,its better than the other xcept for the one on the DS and other handheld.

  4. A great game and worth a higher pointd