Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ubisoft Press Conference- AC3 showed of some gameplay so did many other games

 Here's a rundown of the events and what we thought

Ubisoft (it was to me one of the best at E3)

Ubisoft started their conference with some just dance 4 that also included Flo Rida singing on the stage. It was hosted by Aisha Taylor and Toby Turner(Tobuscus) and they did a really good job and i believe the press conference was pretty successfully.

Host Aisha and co-host Tobuscus, while still awkward, prove to be a far more tolerable pair that last year's Mr. Caffeine.

1.The first game that was shown was Far Cry 3. There is some nudity

2.The next game was Splinter cell Black list! Finally its here the new splinter Cell. We will show this video on the  x box overview!

3.They then showed a Avengers game please please please please please be GOOD unlike most of the other movie video games.  After that was the Wii U section and i was really excited for this part! Nintendo was smart to have Ubisoft create games for their new system. Maybe this time they will have a good launch line up. Here is some of the games they showed.

Rayman legends which looked really fun.

 Here is some other games ubisoft is making for Wii u

4.Next is what we all been waiting for. This was my favorite part of the conference... ASSASSINS CREED 3. Here is the video they showed.

It looks amazing!!!

5.Now for probably the biggest surprise of the night.  Watch Dogs looks pretty interest here is the video.

I recommend you click on the link to the videos Watch Dogs was a big surprise I dont think anyone expected it. We put links up for Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs because we were having a hard time getting the videos on the blog. We will have a overview of all the other conferences soon but it may take a while because the videos seem to load very very slow. Hopefully we can get the videos up soon.What did you think of the Ubisoft press conference? What are you must looking forward too? Please comment bellow!


  1. AC 3 and ZomiU

  2. The only people to have something for Nintendo and a new AC!

    1. Yes its good that nintendo paired with ubisoft and i cant wait for AC3

  3. Ubi always make great games,just look at the list of game they done
    There is too many to copy so here is a link