Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sorry No Battle post

I have been sick with a cold...I'm feeling a little better maybe next Monday we will have ours Battle of the Game.Batman and Assassin Creed


  1. I hope you feel better. But couldn't yours helper post it? Or does he or she have a cold also? And Batman and Assassin Creed? Why?

    1. I have been busy with school and sports but hopefully we will get more posts coming out soon. I know we have been lacking reviews but we have some planned its just the matter of finishing them. lol About batman vs Ac: If you think about it they are both similar. Free roam, good stealth and combat systems. The only main differences is one in the padt and one dosen't kill.

  2. I think its a good match but I wish batman could kill it would make the game easy just grab a ak batman and wire out the bad guys!