Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prototype 2 Review

     Prototype 2 picks up right where the 1st one left of. Sg. James Heller comes home to find that his family has been killed. The killer is no other then Alex Mercher! Now all Heller wants is to kill Mercher and get revenge. I can understand being mad after that but this guy goes overboard. He is always yelling and cursing that you want to turn his voice off. I think this guy needs thereby because he really has some mental issues. OK, enough of that, the graphics are a big improvement from the first game. The city looks beautiful but some scenes ( not a lot) look like they should be on the old xbox. The voice acting is good ,for the most part, even if some of the lines are cheesy.  The controls are easy and makes the game a non stressful experience.
    Prototype 1 had a confusing upgrade system with so many powers you don't know what to do. This game fixes that and powers almost upgrade automatically. The new powers you get are just awesome. For example one lets you tangle up people and pull body parts in half. You really do feel extremely powerful about half way through. The game consists of stealth, cutting people in half, seeing how far you can throw the dumb civilians, shooting people, flying helicopters, driving tanks, messing with the brain dead soldiers, killing, and more killing. Yes the AI is really stupid. If you are disguised and fall from a builing infront of a soldier; they wont notice you! There is also a lot to do in free roam. There are side missions and many things to collect. This game may keep you busy; if you dont speed through the campaign like i did.
   Prototype 2 has a lot of miss ups and a lousy final boss fight but over all it is fun. This game gets a 7.0

Link to prototype 1 review


  1. I agree with you.The guy just bitch too much.

  2. This one is the game that beat all other game even COD

  3. Hell No! This game will never beat COD!