Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Big Planet Vita!!!!

Is a good game,so there!
There is nothing bad about this game!!! This is the best game they have for the Vita. It has everything you can expect from a littlebigplanet game including a good campaign. The story is fun, goofy, and imaginative. The graphics are just like the console version. In fact there has been many improvments from the ps3 game. Touchscreen is definently a positive adding new gameplay methods and interesting puzzles. Other then the platforming story; you can play side missions. You can play online or split the screen with a friend. Littlebigplanet's main idea is creativity and this game encourages it. You can make a sack person and even use the customs you bought on the ps3. The best part is the online gameplay. You can play co op missions or compete in arcade syle games. By far the highlight is create your own mission.People come up with some awesome stuff... i dont know how they do it.

If there is one complaint it is the load times but the quality more then makes up for the long wait. The vita does not have many games but it has littlebigplanet which is 100 games in one. It gets a 9.8 If you have a vita then get this game. (be prepared to pay 9.99 for online)



  1. A game play video!

  2. This is a great game for all. The game that people had created for online is great.This game is for all ages..