Sunday, May 6, 2012

Darksider 2 Coming this

June 26,2012!
This time you play Death ,he is part of the 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse
I could go into many of the religion stuff but now I'm only talking about a game.
Death is trying to get proof that his brother War didn't end the humans before their appointed  time.
In the begin there was 3 worlds: 1 for the Angels,one for the Demon and one for the Humans.Both side was always interested in the humans and their world
Will Death  be the savior of the human and his brother War?




  1. Yes,the first one if you ever played it was very good.I do hope that they impoved it more.Some people try to compare it to God Of War. But this game was better.If you can even get the first one get it.

  2. Bill you are very wrong! God Of War is a lot better than the first game.

  3. This game will be great.You play Death...Will he make the human to be reborn!?