Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alan Wake Reviews

Alan Wake

For the X Box 360. This games story is good and it will keep you guessing what is up even at the end of the story but wait its not the end!!"Its a ocean not a lake" The controls are good but the weapon choices aren't the best.You are a writer and your wife takes you to a remote mountain city to a cabin on a lake,so that you can get over Alan's writer block.Alan's wife is scared of the dark.Than the lights goes out you have to go outside and turn on the generators but you here your wife scream and you rush inside and you go to the back door and see your wife in the lake you jump in,Oh well if I tell you the whole story you wouldn't get this good game!Now would you? You jump in your car to get help but your car is pushed off the road. The scenes are great and you get to drive cars trucks and etc! You have good old Berry to help you out.Berry is that funny character that entertains you.It is always good when you have him around. Your main weapon is a flashlight,once you shine the light on the people that are after you,the light burns the darkness away and than you can shoot them. Your weapons are also flares and flash bangs and a flare gun.You can also get bigger and more powerful flashlight. The graphics are very good and the people in the game each have their little ways about them. You would have a good time with this game and its DLC. 

 Alan Wake is excellent with exceptional gameplay and good story. It will leave you guessing and very very confused! Yes it is hard to follow with many weird twists and turns but it was supposed to be that way. Alan Wake gets a 8.5

"Its a ocean not a lake" - Alan Wake
What the heck does that even mean

Alan Wake American Nightmare

Alan Wake ended with its a ocean not a lake. To me it looks like a lake and what does it even have to do with anything! The end did not make any sense and I was hoping that American nightmare would clear it but my hopes are long gone. It clears up nothing the story is disapointing because it doesen't have that Alan Wake feel. The 1st game was interesting,freaky,spooky,suspensfull,and confusing; the second game has none of these. You are after a man that looks like you called Mr.Scratch and there are only three main locations in the game. Later you will find that you have to play through those locations agian but with changes to the objective. The story is still pretty good but like i said before it does not have that Alan Wake feel. The combat is very much improved with many weopons to choose from including nail guns,crossbows,rifles,shotguns,and much more. Of couse you will still have your flashlight with you but there are no upgraded lights for you to use. Guns are unlocked by finding manuscript pages around the environment then using them to unlock boxes with the gun inside. They are easy to find because you can see them on the map.The enemies you face are much more evolved from the first game. One splits apart to other people once you have shot him. The birds are back but theis time in a much different way. The graphics and controlls are the same from the previous installment but the narrative part of the game has changed. On Alan Wake there was sections where you had to walk around and talk to people giving you a break from the action. These where very well written and interesting. American Nightmare made the foolish decision to take those sections out. Sure you will talk to a few people but nothing compared to the 1st game. Barry is only in one part of the game. You get to see him sleep for about a second. He was my favorite character and they took him out!

This game is not in stores it is downloadable from you xbox360 console. It gets a 7.0
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  1. I Like the first game.But the downloadable game story is gone.I agree with you on this make a new Alan Wake

  2. The addon is ok with the good weapons.I do hope they have a new game in the works

  3. Yes! I like the weapons on the DLC but I like the story on the CD.I do hope they make part two soon!