Sunday, February 12, 2012

Infamous 2
   Cole McGrath is back and is ready to kill the beast. Sadly he is not strong enough and retreats to New Marais. New Marais is set in New Orleans and it defiantly feels like it. The city is designed great with lively people and very much improved graphics. It is fun to free roam thanks to the diversity every street has to offer.
  Once again the karma system returns, but this time with more difficult decisions and two different outcomes according to what path you choose.That brings me to the story which does no keep you emotionally engaged like the 1st game. Don’t get me wrong the story is good, but just wished it would of been better.
  You will have fun zapping people with your electric bolts because it is very well designed. The fighting is intense and extremely fun and you have so many different ways to go about killing your enemy. There are so many powers to unlock and once you unlock every one you feel super powerful. Definitely as you send a electric volcano down the street and watch your helpless enemies be swung around then thrown away. Sucker punch makes upgrading and unlocking powers easy. You never feel overwhelmed with the many powers you can gain. The controls are the same as the last game which is good because nothing needed to be changed. Sure, Cole still likes to grab onto every single thing, but that is a small complaint.
  Infamous 2 also introduces a UGC(user generated content) and it is a good addition to the game. There is so many things people can do with there missions and once your done with the campaign you have endless amount of UGC to play.

Infamous 2 gets a 9.0


  1. I love the UGCs,Did you every play my? It was to short.

  2. Yes it was a good game. I hope they found away to make another one.I know he die but there was a lighting strike.

  3. It would be hard to make another game because both endings are totally different but i hope they do

  4. It is funny how time goes by so fast!