Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last of US

Has sold about 3.4 million copy, I think its safe to say they made their money back ,and also this telling me maybe a 2nd Last of Us is coming unless they decide not too and make another game. It might be better to leave the game as is. But I have a feel they would make another one. But at time its best to have just one game or movie or book as long as you end it good and kept to  the main story. But it has a long way to go to beat Halo 2 which sold about 8 million.
But Nintendo beat them all with the Wii it sold over 81 million copy for wii sports and the wii super Mario brother sold about 27 million . WOW!!! they sold more game than movies.....


  1. Wow, it seems like everyone has a wii! Naughty Dog has said that they are not interested in a sequel.But with those numbers it wouldn't surprise me if they did make one. Maybe they could do another story with different characters but still during the same world.Right now The last of Us is at the top of the charts with sells. I might be wrong but i heard it is the fastest selling game ever on the ps3?

  2. I think there is no need to do another Last of us but Like both of us had say with making that muck cash how could they say no to another one but not all things need a part 2 this is what happen with Uncharted series each game while good wasn't better than Uncharted 2 and some movies if you have a good ending that is all you need.
    They could do a next generations type of the Last of US,have it about 30 years or so and Ellie now living in a city they rebuild and most of her kids have immunity but they are at war with every one else, these people want her kids and she is having none of that! . Joel left after a few years few years after he drop off Ellie and he find this doctor whom said with some of Ellie blood he could make every one immume so he come back just to get some blood and the doc could make only two shots but the place is attack and he run away and leave and find some more people and find a women he fall in love and have a few dozen kids and they have more kids and so on,Now Unknown to Ellie these kids and other people had swear to protect Ellie and now it all out war and after it all over ony afew people are left on the Earth Ellie kids and Joel kids,they all are immune and they rebuild the Earth jump ahead a few 1000 years they had rebuilt the earth and they had find out where the first infection happen and close off that section.Human kill the animal that the fungus need to reproduce,so it jump to human. The Earth is green again without human screwing thing up the Earth rebuild itself like it had many time . Now the human are million plus and growing with pressure for resources they open up the close off lands think that they are immune but a few people in this one city the home base where Ellie used live scream out hell no but to late and there is another fungus this one is a bad one again but this time the people know what is up but still many people are dead but the old town where Ellie lived every one work together and find out they was immune jump ahead They now live on the moon and Mars the new fungus destroy all life on the Earth and will take 1000 years or more for them to rebuild the Earth . But on Mars they find a old city where ops here it goes again. The fungus came from Mars that is why it couldn't be stop except by one little Girl name Ellie and her kids....

    1. All I can say is WOW!

  3. Every one I know have a Wii but the problem is most of yours serious game player play the xbox 360 or the PS3 because of their graphic and their online game play modes, The wii had very poor graphic and was surprised that they release such low power graphic game system. There was a few good game on the system but you had to go through 100 bad game just to find a good great game. Plus I was expecting not the WiiU but a follow up on the Gamecube which was a better system than the Wii. but 89 million game sold wow!

  4. PC are the way togo!

  5. The new system are like a PC they share many of the chips from the PC I guess they done this to make the games system easy to program for. They had a problem to make the cell processor on the PS 3 to work right, I think they never really got all the cell to work right only a few of them. One thing I see is the hard memory space for only the game data is not all that large. For example the xbox one had 8 GB but almost half of it is for all that TV stuff and other stuff and not for the gaming data. For the PS 4 its the same not all the hard memory stuff is for gaming data only. Both of them need to change this. Why can't they do this when you are playing the game all the hard memory space in for the game. I was really hoping for a game system where there would be no loading, just to spend your time playing the game!