Friday, January 10, 2014

Battlefield 4 Review

I only played this on the ps4 since that's the only next gen system I have and I don't have a PC powerful enough to play games. There is no difference between the ps4, Xbox one, and PC version. But it is different on current gen because it can't handle the 64 players online and I believe that's the only difference besides the graphics. Now for the review:

Single Player

    This game is broken. I am really getting to lose faith in EA. After that long time making the game and today's technology you should not be releasing a broken game! I have not had any trouble with the online but I have faced many problems playing the story mode. First I'll talk about the campaign. DON'T buy the game if you want a good campaign! First I'll talk about the pros: The story is better then the last game, the graphics are amazing, and the acting is very good. Ok, now for the cons: The story is still not very good and is still confusing. The actors ,even though very good, don't have a good script. The script is so bad that they will get annoying after a while. And your character doesn't even talk! Why is he silent? I don't understand! You are supposed to be the leader but how are you supposed to be the leader when you don't talk! This leads to awkward moments when your squad calls out commands that you should be calling. Oh yes, I do like the gun lockers where you can choose any gun you have unlocked in the whole game. The guns are very good and sound and look very realistic. Another positive about the story mode is that you get to drive vehicles unlike the last campaign. This leads to more open areas where you actually get to make your own decisions; it reminds me of the Chyrsis 3 open areas. The truth is: it's just another shooter. They could have made the campaign so much better but it looks like they just didn't care. Now for the major complaint: IT WONT SAVE! So I haven't even beaten the game. I played the first 3 missions then after a few days I put the disc in to continue but I have to start over. I played through it a second time and got pretty far during this play through and it was saving. Then I came back the next day looking to finish the campaign and guess what It didn't save. That's when I decided not to play through it a third time. If it was a great campaign I wouldn't mind playing it. I probably replayed Uncharted 2 10 times as well as Assassins creed 2 and I am on my third play through of Fallout 3. But I didn't want to waste my time on a mediocre campaign. While I was playing through there was also many bugs. Assassins Creed Black Flag has bugs but they are little things that you laugh at, maybe press the share button then move on. Battlefield 4 bugs include having to turn off the whole system to get it working again. Why doesn't EA forget about the story mode and just make a multiplayer game because the online portion is outstanding! Or they could hire someone that's actually good at single player while they focus on multiplayer. If it wasn't for the bugs the single player would be getting a 5 but because these bugs are completely unacceptable Battlefield 4 single player gets a 2.0 out of 10.


Multiplayer is what people get Battlefield for, and they won't be disappointed. I didn't really get into Battlefield 3 multiplayer and wasn't very good at it. But this game is a different story... I love it. There are still bugs but I never found any major ones. Many people were talking about how they encountered mess ups in the multiplayer. I have been playing for a month and never came across anything major. Maybe I got a good copy but this review is based off my gameplay experience. I was utterly amazed at everything that was going on at the same time. You see a jet crash right in front of you after you get done shooting a couple people. Far away there's a helicopter shooting at enemies bellow all while a skyscraper is falling to rubble. This multiplayer is truly the next gen experience. The graphics look so realistic as well as the guns and sounds. But the most impressive is how much you can interact with the environment. From blowing up bridges so vehicles can't cross to destroying a whole building in order to kill the people on the second floor.The ranking system is the same as the last battlefield game except that it takes much more experience. The good thing is that you don't have to be good to rank up. As long as you are a helpful addition to the team you will get points. This includes helping to capture an area, giving suppression fire, getting exists, and giving health. Another addition is the squad commanders who can order you to defend and attack certain locations. It's really good they finally brought this system back. There are all types of modes to play like team deathmatch, domination, and squad deathmatch. They are all ok but not nearly as good as the main Battlefield experience: Conquest. There is also another mode called test range which was a excellent addition. You are basically put on a map ,all by yourself, with a number of guns and vehicles. Almost like a training area. This is the perfect place to practice flying jets and helicopters before you get into the real thing. I only wish you could play test range with a friends. All the maps are really diverse and put you in a different setting every time. Each map will give you different ways to reach your objective. The best part is the blockbuster set pieces you will encounter about half way through the match. These will drastically change the battle. Either by creating a flood or destroying the biggest skyscraper. I enjoyed the multiplayer much more then the campaign and it made it a worthwhile buy. Battlefield 4 multiplayer gets a 9.0 out of 10!


  1. Many people had stated that there was a bug in the saving the single player game.On one of the replies here at AlbertOVGplace. I AlbertO read many ohter site and had bitch to EA they are use to by now and all get is there are working on the problem.It doesn't help EA out when the people that could fix the problem was off during Xmas.This is how I wrote my bitching to EA( Hey shit heads I have an idea why not released game that work? I tell you people shouldn't any more Battlefield for at whole year until you guy release an broken game and try to fix it.I believe you own all of us a refund of about $40 for making half a game plus our wasted time in doing the single play game let said another $100. I think we should get together a take you to court for defected product.Hay I work with other people maybe now you would treat us right and release a working game all of it not just 1/2 of one. I think people should hold off buying any of yours game like Titanfall maybe after years or so after you get the broken game working again. Damn it people don't you guy even test the game out any more? Hell I just answer the question! NO you just release the game on date no matter what and we gamer pay the price for that!
    All crazy comment are Albert0 and not my helpers!Well the it was close to this many even more crazier!

  2. You see even COD single player are playable and you can save it!

  3. Maybe if we take them to court they would stop this releasing broken game. A game or anything should be in working condition when you buy it.I'm looking into taken them into court if more people agree to it we can make it class action.PS AlbertO I would had been more diplomatic about it! LOL you must be CRAZY!

  4. I buy this game for its online game play any way.I never played the story line but it still should work right.

  5. Yes I hope they fix it because I want to play every part of the game even if the story which happen a lot suck!

  6. Its still broken the single player game.The online game works great!