Friday, September 19, 2014

Destiny Review

We at AlbertO'sVideoGamePlace are usually behind on reviews because we are slow at playing games. All those professional people get the games early and we don't. I'm happy to announce that we are on time for once! This review is being posting about the same time all the other people are posting their's. The servers weren't ready until the game released so the professional reviewers got to play on day one like everybody else. Enough with that(its just so exciting that were on time!) here is the review:

   Destiny reminds me of Uncharted 3 multiplayer. That is an odd comparison and a weird way to start a review but just hear me out. Both games are completely different; there are no similarities at all. Uncharted multiplayer is bad, but Alberto and myself love it. There are glitches, it takes forever to join a match, and you have to shoot people 5000 times. We love it because it is fun. It is fun to see people dancing in the middle of a firefight, people running in circles shooting at nothing, people blowing themselves up, and people that don't die because the rocket you shoot goes in between their legs. That's what games are supposed to be-fun. A great story elevates the game but it will be useless if it's not fun.  Destiny fits this perfectly because the game is a blast to play(definently with friends) but has many flaws.
   Destiny is a MMO with the action of a first person shooter. You are part of the guardians, a group of people that are supposed to fight back the darkness. This mysterious enemy came when humanity found the traveler, a huge sphere that granted us a golden age. A golden age not only on earth but in space as well. We were able to inhabit planets like Venus and Mars. The age of exploration soon ending when the darkness came. That's all a know about the story which is the worst part of the whole game. The story missions are fun but repetitive and don't leave a big impact in terms of story. This is very frustrating because Destiny's world is fitted for one great story. The game would get a very high score not only from us but other reviewers if Bungie spent more time developing the story and the the main missions. This is the main flaw of Destiny but the main point is having fun with friends and the game brings a plethora of ways to do just that.
  You get to travel to Earth, the moon, Venus, and Mars. On those planets you can do main missions, strikes, and patrols. Strikes are co-op only missions that have an extremely hard boss at the end. Patrol is basically like free roam. This is where you can find chests,do side mission, or just rack up on xp. The game is always online so you will always meet up with other players. You can also be part of a fireteam which is basically like your squad. Before you can do all this you have to pick a class. Either Titan, Hunter,or Warlock. Each one has their own set of abilities. You can upgrade these abilities when you get XP. The customization is great in Destiny. You can change your armor, guns, and powers in many different ways. There is even a sub class that unlocks whole new powers and abilities. There are many guns to choose from each one being unique in their own way. You can also visit the Tower. This is basically your hang out area. You can talk to other people,buy upgrades, and edit your vault. Destiny is about exploring planets, finding,upgrades, and shooting the Fallen all with a friend by your side. The gameplay is also spot on. The shooting is top notch as well as the melee, and powers. The best part about Destiny may be how fluent the combat is. The worst part about Destiny is it's story and the repetitiveness of it. If you are not obsessed with the plot then the lackadaisical story can easily be overcome. If you just run around with friends then the game will be a blast to play.
   Lastly Destiny offers competitive multiplayer. This is called the crucible which offers your average game modes. There is team deathmatch,  free-for-all, capture the points, and protect the relic. The stats you get in the story will correspond with the Crucible. That means people can use their powers in competitive multiplayer. This brings a crazy,but fun experience and that's just how we like it.  I just hate it when you run into one of those pesky Hunter who uses their ability to stab 20 people at once.
    If the campaign wasn't lacking this would get a 9.9. But at the end of the line video games are about having fun and Destiny delivers on that account. 8.7 out of 10


  1. Its funny I got a Uncharted feel to it too.If the game play is good than who need a story? But at time I want a story even if it don't make any sense at all....

  2. Yes me enjoy the game hope their is mor maps for onlines