Saturday, April 21, 2012

Uncharted 3 DLC

Naughty dog has released much DLC for Uncharted 3 multiplayer. You may not know which ones are best and cant decide what to spend your money on. Heres a rundown of all the DLC that has been released(excluding skin packs)

Flashback map pack 1

This pack has 4 maps froms Uncharted 2 including The Fort(it is now raining) The Cave(now filled with grass) The Sanctuary( It is now night time) and the Lost City(it is now snowing). Naughty Dog has worked hard on the light effects and it looks spectacular in this maps. I don't like the cave and I am disappointed that they took out the crashing plan in fort. These maps are good but 9.99 seems a little high just for four maps that you already seen. 

Flashback Map pack 2

This pack also includes 4 maps from uncharted 2 with minor changes. Train Wreck(now with sand) Temple( is now night time) The Village ( rain has stopped) The Plaza ( now during the day). I like these maps better than the ones in the first pack. The same lighting effects are still here but so is the 9.99 price. Once again these maps are not new but they are still good. Each map does over a cinematic experience unlike the first pack. A tank drives through on village, Theres a helicopter in plaza, A train falls on train wreck, and temple does not have any cinematic events.

Fort Co op adventure

This DLC has a new co op adventure mission at the fort. This time you play as the villains. It is a interesting concept but is not much different then other co op adventures. It is well designed with climbing and shooting. I would have wished for more then just one mission. This DLC cost 4.99. It is about as long as the other co op missions and might not be worth the money. But if you like to play along with friends this will be a good addition to the co op section.

Co op Shade Survival

This is another addition to the co op section. It is just like the survival mode but with shades. Shades have smokeless fire covering their faces. (the ones from the campaign) These people are really hard to kill plus they can shoot firballs and transport but thats what makes it fun. It is really difficult to get through but if you get a good buddy to help you out it will make it easier. This is also 4.99. It is different and fun to try out but the price is high just for one new mode.

New Map Pack

Finally, some new maps. This is my favorite DLC that they came out with. It includes the graveyard map which is on a series of boats and platforms floating on the water. This also introduces swimming you can go underwater and shoot while in the water. A boat drives by and shoots grenades at you.The Old Quarter is set in Yemen with many places to hide and snipe. It includes Zip lines and a pool this pool seems to be the main area of battle. One time everyone on both teams was fighting each other in that pool. There is a helicopter but no one cares because it only shows up for a few seconds and hardly ever kills anybody. The Oasis is set in ,you guessed it, a oasis in the dessert. This map is small and there is always some battle going on. There are many flanks where you can get behind the enemy. A plane flies by a drops a big box that can crush you but it does release a power weapon. London Streets is set in London. It is a urban area with many flanks and small areas. There is a bulding you can you into called the peligan. This is the bar from the campaign and its cool they have added it. A amored vehicle drives through and can either run you over or shoot you. I do recommend this pack. I like every map thats included in it. The price is ,just like the others, 9.99.


  1. The first and second maps .I through was a waste of cash.But the last one was worth the cash because of the new areas!

  2. You guys must be ossesed with this game. How many more post are we going to see? I want to see more Call of Duty post.Who cares about Unchartes.The game has no good online play..

    1. I'm always into good games. Even Call of Duty but I also play more game not just Call of Duty. Come on dude!Play something else!

    2. Girls are crazy over Drake~April 30, 2012 at 2:10 PM

      We care more about Uncharted than a dumb shooter.On Uncharted you have adventure.One COD and Battlefield is only shooting.Don't you get sick of they releasing the same old games year after year?

  3. I'm tired of Uncharted 3. Play it to death of the disk. I unlock everything and now its time to play something else. My next game is going to be Skyrim.From reading yours review and other,this game should keep me busy for a long time!

  4. I love the last DLC! And they are making system pitches for the game.I finally have time to post!