Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skyrim Review

     This game is a mix of RPG and action adventure, you are free to go anywhere your two feet can take you.There is a lot to do,so it will take a lot of time to power up.The star constellation power up system is a good way to display your power ups in a simple way unlike other RPGs where they have list after list Skyrim power up system is simple to use.If you are is a rush and into fast  games than Skyrim isn't the game for you! To play this game you better have the whole day and even after that you wouldn't be done.I have read some people have played this game for 60 hours total and still hadn't got half way done with this truly large game.This game is worth the $60 you play for it.From the start, this game gives a chance to design your player.You can choose a race, change your face, and design your body.The game enables you to switch between first person and 3rd person on the fly.You can also pick and change how you are armed by having a sword and magic, sword and a sheild, and just magic all around. There is a way to pick the clothes you wear. The player can even choose to run around half naked.Each race has there own abilities and its your job to pick how you want to play. Some races can't be hurt by fire or can talk to the animals and make them work for you.Skyrim is a world where there are a lot of  different races, animals ,and plants.
    Skyrim is a spectacular game that every one should try out definently if you are a RPG fan. This game very well deserves a 9.9!!! Remember that I never give a game 10



  1. This game is great I got a week ago and still playing it..Will I ever get to kill a dragon?

  2. Girls like to play games tooApril 25, 2012 at 10:06 AM

    This game is way better than Call of Duty or Battlefield.Or any other game for that matter.

  3. what rank are you guys at? We just started and are only at rank 8.

  4. Girl Like Games Too!!!!April 30, 2012 at 2:07 PM

    This game beats all the other games out there! I'm getting tired of the endness shoot they are releasing nowdays.