Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Xbox at Gamescom

1. Scalebound is an Xbox exclusive that features a dragon type creature named Thuban, and 4 player co-op. It releases summer of 2016

2. Quantum Break trailer reveals a release date of April 5th 2016 and the voice actors for the game.

3. Announcement of a free DVR service for TV. You can record something and play it back on any Windows 10 device.

4. Xbox chatpad announced. This is a little keyboard that can be placed on your Xbox One controller

5. Crackdown 3 first look

6. Backwards compatibility will be available in November, and all games with gold will also use this feature.

7. Killer Instincts season 3 is coming in March 2016

8. Cobalt is an action platforming from the developers: Mojang and Oxeye. 

9. Minecraft coming to windows 10, and the beta is available now. 

10. Homefront: The Revolution showed off a new trailer and announced that Xbox One will be getting a beta this winter

11. Xbox Game Preview was announced at E3. At Gamescom the first two games available for the program were shown We Happy Few and Ark: Survival Evolved. This means that these games can be played before they are released.

12. New Dark Souls 3 trailer 

13. If you buy Just Cause 3 on Xbox One you get a backwards compatible version of Just Cause 2

There is so much Xbox One news that I'm getting tired, and will continue to show more in a later post!

Thanks to Gameinformer for their spot on coverage!

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