Monday, July 27, 2015

Old Games Review 1: Journey- You Notice I Say Experience A Lot

   Journey was a last generation pearl that I missed out on. When I heard it was coming to the ps4, I had to jump on the opportunity. What I experienced was something truly unique and special.
   Players control a creature as it makes a journey through the dessert to reach a mountain. There is a hidden story here that can be perceived in many different ways. The simplicity of it all amounts to a huge emotional thought process that no other game can manage. It's so strange that a game based on walking can emit such a glorious response. It has something to do with the music and the beautiful scenery mixing together to make an unforgettable gaming experience. You will encounter different obstacles and "puzzles" along the journey. Something that should not be discussed here, so you guys can experience it first hand. Another thing you will encounter is other players. This is not presented in it's usual format, for you can't see the identity of the other creature. It's an unknown person encompassed in this spectacular world that only has one form of communication: a chirp. These chirps can be used to activate different things in the world, grow your scarf, and communicate with other people.
   Journey is not a game, but an experience that will provoke all kinds of emotional responses. You will sit in awe and be afraid to make a sound, for it will disconnect you from the experience. Journey is a short experience that will be beat in one sitting, but it's greatness will implore you to take another first step to start the Journey again.
   Journey, although short is something every gamer or non-gamer should experience. A 9.0 out of 10

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  1. I like it!!!!!! Something odd but good...