Friday, July 31, 2015

My Top 10 Last Airbender Episodes

The Last Airbender is my all time favorite TV series. To celebrate this awesome series I decided to list my top 10 episodes. This isn't really a ranking ,but a way to honor a good TV show. I know this show is 7 years old, but I like it... so there! Even the filler episodes are good, therefore this list was really hard to make! I can think of so many episodes that deserve to be on this list. I could write a essay about each episode, but I have other things to do like playing video games!

10. City of Wall and Secrets S2 Ep 14

This a great introduction to Ba Sing Se and the political corruption surrounding it. Team Avatar wants to inform the earth king about the eclipse, but it seems the whole city doesn't know about the war or are to scared to talk about it. This is the start of one of the best story arcs in Avatar history. A plot line that's could be relevant to any TV show on AMC, HBO, Showtime, etc. It's amazing how a cartoon can have a better story then most other TV shows. 

9. The Day of Black Sun Part 1 S3 Ep 10

You will see that part two is on this list as well. The Invasion (Part 1) is so awesome, because we see everyone come together to fight the fire nation. You really feel the intensity of the battle the whole way through. It's a great episode for Sokka who was to scared to pump up the troops, but has to take charge when his father is injured. We also get to see Katara and Aang's first real kiss.And It all comes together in a nice cliffhanger. 

8. The Puppetmaster S3 Ep 8

This is a really creepy episode where the crew comes to a town where people disappear every time there is a full moon. Katara meets the only other waterbender from the southern water tribe. It's a very creepy old women that knows the darkest secrets of waterbending. This is the introduction of bloodbending which is a main plot point in season 1 of Korra. This is in the top 10 list because of Katara. Her character has grown so much and we see that here.

7. The Day of Black Sun Part 2 S3 Ep 11

It was so great to see how Azula played everyone. She knew of the invasion all along and it was a trap. This episode featured a great chase/fight scene between Azula, Toph, Sokka, and Aang. Zuko finally confronted his father and this had some of the best dialogue in the series. It all came together in a sad ending where Aang and the kids had to leave everyone behind to be captured. 

6. Into the Inferno S3 Ep 20

This is part 3 of the last four episodes. The best part was the fight between Zuko and Azula. The music and effects made this scene come together for one emotional moment. This is one of the best fights in Avatar history. We see how Azula is going insane, and the beginning of the fight between Aang and Ozai.  

5. The Crossroads of Destiny S2 Ep 20

This is the end of the Ba Sing Se story line and it ends in a bang. Not only in fight scenes, but in characterization. Aang has to let go of Katara, and Zuko has to choose his path. It all comes together in a very dark ending where Zuko betrays Uncle, the earth kingdom is fallen, and Aang is "killed" by Azula. This episode shows that this is definitely not your normal cartoon.

4. The Southern Raiders  S3 Ep 16

Katara faces the person that killed her mother with the help of Zuko. Aang is fighting for forgiveness, while Katara wants revenge. This is the darkest point we have ever seen Katara ,and she even uses bloodbending at one point. We get to see that Katara and Sokka's mom died to protect her daughter in a truly horrific moment. This episode brings up the moral question that drives the finale which is whether or not Aang should kill the firelord. 

3. The Avatar and the Firelord S3 Ep 6

This is a paralled story between Aang and Zuko as they learn of the fire nation's past. We get to see how the war started and Avatar Roku's journey. It is a very interesting story about friendship, for we learn that Roku and Sozin used to be best friends. That is until Sozin left Roku to die on a volcano. Now he can be free to fulfill his dream of spreading fire nation influence all over the world. This is the start of the 100 year war.

2. Zuko Alone S2 Ep 7

Zuko befriends a little boy as he is traveling alone. This truly is a masterpiece of writing. Everything about this episode works. We learn of Zuko's dark past and that he is more then your traditional "villain." At the end Zuko learns that he has to be true to himself even if it means the boy and his town hate him for who he is. 

1. Avatar Aang S3 Ep 21

This is the final episode, and one of the best finales I have ever seen. It had everything from action to emotion. It ties up everything perfectly (except for Zuko's mom),and is an exceptional ending to my favorite TV show. 

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