Monday, July 6, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight's Plot and Ending

Spoiler Alert: I'm getting ready to spoil everything related to Arkham Knight, so if you haven't played the game scroll on down and read our spoiler free review instead!!! If you played the game or just don't care feel free to indulge, and give your opinions on that cryptic ending. 

It's finally here, the end of the Arkham series. So lets get right into it. The Joker is a huge plot device in Arkham Knight, but I couldn't say anything about it in the review. Don't worry he is still died... kind of. What's really going on is the Joker lives in Batman. Towards the beginning of the game you see the Joker and learn it's just a vision come to life by fear toxin. Then later on you learn that Joker had his blood sent out to infect people. One of those people is no other then Batman. So Batman is turning into the Joker... What!?!?! Even in the death the Joker still wins. Now you will always have the Joker there nagging you while you play. This is great ,because lets be honest Batman is dull and boring. He needs some Joker to have some fun. Joker is always talking to Batman like Harry Morgan is always talking to Dexter. In the review I said everything has a deeper meaning. The Joker represents Bruce Wayne's humanity slipping away as he learns he is not strong enough to protect Gotham and those he loves.

 The other big reveal is The Arkham Knight's identity. It's Jason Todd, the original Robin. What a surprise! That's sarcasm by the way. It was pretty obvious. It's sad that they decided to do this. I was wanting this big unexpected reveal. So the story goes: Everyone thinks Jason Todd is killed by Joker, but the Joker actually helped Jason realize how much he hated Batman, Then Jason gets a few guns and tries to kill Batman. After that fails he saves Batman from Scarecrow then becomes the vigilante Red Hood. This sucks because we never knew Jason Todd in the Arkham games until now. He should have been in Asylum and City to make the reveal more impactfull... oh well.

Now we finally get to that ending. The true ending, the one you unlock by collecting all 249 riddler trophies. Here it is in case you don't feel like going trophy hunting. (SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED)

So that thing at the end? There are so many different things it could be!!!

1.  There is a new Batman that uses fear toxin as a weapon

2.  Batman survived the blast and becomes one with the bat, Bruce Wayne is no more.

3.  Bruce survives then trains Terry McGinnis to be Batman( Batman Beyond storyline)

4. It's a evil version of Batman that kills people.

5. It's all just a hallucination

6. It's Azreal


I need your help, What do you guys think of the true ending????

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  1. They done the same thing on the last Batman movie where Bruce Wayne is dead but the Batman is alive only.....Or was he dead????