Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fallout 3

   I know that we are 5 years late, but this is a game that we can't miss talking about! You start out in vault 101, when you live through the life of your character. It might be called a bildungsroman in literary terms. Your mom dies giving birth and you grow up with your dad until he escapes the vault. People did not even think that was possible, but he did causing chaos in the vault. That's when you decide to escape the vault yourself in search of dad. On the way you have to make some tough choices like how your character should look and your name. Also you get to choose skills to upgrade while reading a child's book. When you finally fight your way out of the vault, is when the game gets good. You open that door and see the wastelands , the aftermath of nuclear destruction. This is when you feel this uneasy feeling inside of you. You can go anywhere you want and your life is in your hands now...
  You are never safe wandering around the wasteland because you never know what's going to happen. Your legs might fly off after you step on a mine, or get attacked by a band of super mutants or raiders. There is also radiation everywhere! Don't worry there are a few safe places to find. The first city you may find is Megaton. This may seem like a safe place to stay until you notice the bomb sitting in the middle of the city. You can even blow it up if you are looking to be bad. Probably the safest place is Rivet city which is on a boat. Plus there is such a colorful variety of residents there...
    The graphics fit the game perfectly and adds that dark gloomy feeling you always get. Good thing there some comedy to ease your worries. You rank up after getting xp and have many perks to choose from. You may also choose to fix your weapons that are in poor condition. Or you may want to pick up a new one if you don't have the caps. There are all sorts of weapons in the wasteland. Like the fat man(nuke launcher) plasma rifle, the vengeance( Gatling laser) and much much more. Its also fun to shoot people because you get to see their body parts fly off.(I think that's why Alberto likes it) There is a system called vats where you can pick your targets before you shoot, then watch the guys head fly off in slow motion. So much fun! Can't forget to talk about the pip boy 3000, this is where you do everything. See all your weapons, stats, stimpaks,perks, and even listen to good old three dog.
    So after you have explored the wasteland, and have done numerous quest you may be ready to find your dad! You finally find him after going through the creepy simulation and find out that he is working on project purity. This should bring clean water to all the wasteland, but lets just say there was "some" difficulties. The story on Fallout 3 is really good making it one of my favorite Rpg's!
   Fallout 3 earned a spot on my list of extraordinary games. I give it a 9.9!

I want to get some dlc and each one is about 10 dollars, but I don't have the money to get all of them. For those of you that have played through them, What's the best one? On another note who is hoping for Fallout 4!!!

                                       Mod on the pc
                                  Using vats
                                  site of project purity
        Beginning of the game, living in the vault

This and New Vegas are really cheap if you want some good games that will last you a long time!


  1. DLC still cost that much for 4 plus years old game

  2. Its a good game. The graphric are kind of gloomy but its after a atomic war between China and the USA

  3. Broken Steel is probably the best DLC because it lets you keep playing after the end, raises the level cap to 30, and adds new main and side quests!

  4. I like the way the guns blow people and other thing apart!