Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Square Enix

First it sound like a broken recorder with the Final Fantasy stuff...
OK  first video show Just Cause when was crazy and good!!!!
After a really rocking trailer, Avalanche Studios came on stage to discuss the new “unparalleled freedom” of the game’s wing suit, the updated grapple hook, and the 400 square mile Mediterranean world.
The trailer we posted  a spectacular look at the game’s new setting, upgraded tools and how the player can destroy virtually anything in their path.
Just Cause 3 will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox one December 1.

Nier  from Platinum Games 
While much wasn’t revealed on the new Neir from Platinum Games, we do know that Atsushi Inaba is producing,  Yoko Taro is the director, and Metal Gear Rising designer Takahisa Taura is on board..Drakenguard composer Keiichi Okabe will provide the score.
More on the game will be revealed this autumn as it is still in development. A banner showing the PlayStation 4 logo appeared on the stage, but information on whether it is a PS4-exclusive or if it is also heading to Xbox One wasn’t provided.
The trailer is short,
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Lara Corft’s latest adventure was shown in video form again during the conference, and while it was a condensed version of what was shown at the Microsoft Press conference, it provided the opportunity for Crystal Dynamics game director Brian Horton to take the stage.
Horton showed a video which introduced the development team which discussed the high level of detail it added to Lara’s clothes, skin, eyelashes, and how she fits into every environment encountered. Crystal Dynamics wanted to make Lara look as accurate and real as possible, so this means she will get dirty, snow will accumulate on her hair, face, even her eyelashes.
More on Rise of the Tomb Raider will be shown more in the coming months.
 Now for the broken recording their Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts kick

Final Fantasy 7 for mobile
Patrick Naud, head of Square Enix Montreal took the stage after Tomb Raider to discuss designing games for mobile, and announced a new cel-shaded Tomb Raider mobile title. It’s called Lara Croft GO and is a turn-based experience.
Final Fantasy 7 was announced as coming to mobile this winter.
Final Fantasy 7
Kingdom Hearts producer Shinji Hashimoto took the stage to introduce the Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer which was shown during Sony’s E3 2015 conference last night.  He also revealed that the PC port of  Final Fantasy 7 for PS4 had been delayed into winter 2015

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Unchained
Hashimoto went on to introduce the first Kingdom Hearts game  to arrive on smartphones in the west. In Japan, it’s known as Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Chi.
Finally, he showed a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 along with the announcement it will include the main character from Disney’s Tangled. A couple of years ago, the game’s lead Tetsuya Nomura said he was considering adding another Disney character to the game. The character wasn’t revealed, but the world depicted in the film will be featured in the game as one of the levels. The trailer also featured one of the Titans from Disney’s Hercules and a Pegasus summon.
Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced for PS4 and Xbox One during E3 2013 and it is still without a concrete release date.
Yes another one!!!

Final Fantasy Worlds
The game has been created with a different look in order to appeal to all Final Fantasy fans or newcomers. It is a game anyone of any age or demographic can play, especially families who wish to play together.
The game star s a pair of twins who must be led through various worlds from the franchise.Players will collect and raise monsters from the Final Fantasy games and use them in battle through RPG style game mechanics. These monsters and creatures include behemoth, cactuar, chocobo and more.
A stacking ability is present and it allows the twins to adjust their size from small to large in order to combat certain obstacle or ride a particular sized monster.
Final Fantasy Worlds will be released on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2016.

IO Interactive’s new Hitman game will digitally released on December 8 and it is a creative stealth action-sandbox game online. Players will perform hits across the world, and a time limit will be set up for each. Players will have a freedom of approach and it is up to them to use brute force or stealth. It’s a game which will “never stop challenging players” and there will be community created contracts.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
Tri-Ace will release Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness in the west next year exclusively on PS4. Prior to today, the game was until today only announced for Japan, where its due for release this winter.
The game is the fifth in the Star Ocean series but will take place between the events of the second and third game

Project Setsuna
Square Enix announced a new JRPG project was in the works from a new home studio called Tokyo RPG Factory. It’s a new franchise and not a spin-off series, the company insisted.
It is called  Project Setsuna for the time being and will be released in 2016. Only concept art was shown. More details will be announced at a later date.
OK but I was expecting new video game that wasn't Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy  .A Remake of Legacy of Kain!!
And for Nintendo I can said how I really feel but what dissipating show! Only but StarFox for the WiiU  that OH wow not it used the game pad..And some games for the 3DS,I guess I might do a report on this but maybe if they done a better show I will feel better than wasting my time on a company that let me down,they only though of making the game that put them on the map years after the released of the WiiU and the WiiU had to good after a HD gaming system,no wonder why the only 3 party game maker support was Dance!Hey Nintendo how about for your next game system have it where you can do HD games and at least with xbox360,PS3 or how about xbox1,PS 4 graphric,You really waste my time,now I have to get something to eat soon and play some COD!.What waste of time!!!!!


  1. Yes I agree with you about the WiiU I used to have one but I sold it and got a Xbox 360. Now that I upgrade to Xbox 1.I never will get another Nintendo game system again.Plus it has no COD2 on it!!!

  2. You are CRAZY!!! But I like it. AT least this show didn't put me to sleep like EA show. Boring sport game,now Enix show was ok too much stuff about game for Iphones.