Monday, June 15, 2015

Playstation at E3

1. The Last Guardian gameplay shows 2016 release date

2. Horizon Zero down gameplay

3. Hitman has an exclusive beta and contracts for ps4

4. Street Fighter 5 trailer and announcement of beta

5. No Man's Sky gameplay

6. Media Molecule's Dream 

7. Firewatch gameplay trailer

8. Destiny The Taken King DLC trailer

9. Assassins Creed Syndicate has playstation exclusive missions 

10. World of Final Fantasy trailer

11.  Final Fantasy remake first on ps4

12. Devolver games montage

13. Kickstarter supporting Shenmue 3

14. Batman Arkham Knight trailer

15.  Project Morpheus presentation with games like EVE Valkyrie, Godling, The Deep, Rigs, Wayward sky, and more

16. Playstation Vue presentation announces exclusive Machinama channel, plus discount, and individual channels without buying for a full package

17. Sony supporting Black Ops 3 and getting DLC first. Beta is also first for playstation in August

18. A random game montage?

19. Disney infinity 3.0 news: Twight of the republic, and Rise agianst the empire additions are first on ps4 as well as Boba Fett

20. Star Wars Battlefront missions debut shows they can be played splitscreen, online, or solo. Survival is also shown.

21. Uncharted 4 gameplay

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  1. Now this show was good lots of games I want...I like Horizon Zero its different than the normal games you see. Hitman WOW!!!!Starwars...The Last Guardian I will have to see the disk of this game because we been through this before they show game play than the game is gone.COD game for PS4 I was kind of excepting this after it was a no show at the Xbox press show.Destiny DLC well maybe they will make the story make some sense.Remember these are the people whom done the story for Halo!! Which made sense and had a very good story ,What happen?? to Destiny/???Its was good to see game play of the UC4 game,the first time Drake oh well just stand there,they had to reset and it work!!! Star Wars Battlefront was the game everyone wanted and it was good to see gameplay. The online game play looks great,I think most of the people will be playing this mode like they do on Battlefield and COD.I never play the single player game on COD but I got the see the whole game watching my nephew play it.Batman game looking good as well,you can used the Batcar and etc to help you out!Now Im out of here,need some food.