Sunday, April 26, 2015

Black Ops 3 Trailer Brings New and Old Features

If you think Advanced Warfare wasn't futuristic enough, then you'll enjoy this Black Ops 3 trailer. The new game from Treyarch changes the formula while keeping with a familiar setting. This reveal boast futuristic elements such as hacking into drones, and turning your hand into a freak-en gun. Yes, Call of Duty has gone into the world of Dues Ex with cybernetic implants. It's hard to set an opinion based on this trailer. Some stuff seems cool but we have already seen it before in either Call of Duty or other games such as Titanfall. What is seen beyond the trailer proves to be something to look forward too. Call of Duty is moving into the co-op world. Yep, the campaign will be 4 player co-op with wide open areas! Can you believe it wide open areas in Call of Duty! This will encourage replay-ability and bring the hub where players can interact between missions. The multiplayer also brings a shift in the way of playing as actual characters. You get to choose between Ruin, Seraph, Outrider, and Reaper each bringing a different personalty and playstyle. This seems to be the biggest change in the Call of Duty formula yet. It will also have some sort of zombie mode. I am just wondering if the co-op campaign will degrade the quality of the plot and fall into Destiny territory. Or grow from it like Bloodborne. Black Ops 3 is proving to be a game with tons of potential. The question is: Can it live up to it?

What are your impressions of the new Call of Duty?

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