Monday, February 25, 2013

Assassins Creed 3 Tyranny of King Washington: Infamy Review

Infamy is the first episode of a three part DLC called The Tyranny of king Washington. The second episode , Betrayal, is coming March 19 and the last one, Redemption comes out April 23.

Infamy starts out with Conner being awaken by his mom and asking him for help. Conner is confused because he saw his mom burn and everything is different. It's like he never became an Assassin. They end up in a destroyed Concord and it is reviled that George Washington is the cause. Washington got a hold of a staff with ,what looks like the piece of eden, attached to the end. Conner has no idea whats going on because he remembers George Washington as a friend. After Washington attacks Connor's village he sets out to find great power to attack him.

Infamy will feel right at home for assassins creed 3 players; nothing has changed in the way of gameplay except for a some new powers. The DLC consists of the main storyline and free roaming. The whole game is set in the winter which gives a good vibe to the game but those who didn't like the winter will not be a big fan. In free roam you can find chest which contain weopons since there are no stores to buy weapons. There are also little activities that go on like attacking the convoy, saving a man from wolves and feeding the hungry. There are also three lucid memory artifacts spread across the frontier. Once you find one it will show a picture of Conner in the main campaign. This shows that the Tyranny of king Washington might not be a alternate universe but a extension of the game.
I wish there was more to do with this DLC. I have been playing point lookout for fallout 3( yes I know I am behind!) which is $10 and it adds a whole new map to the game. I was hoping for more content in The Infamy.

That doesn't mean the DLC is bad it's actually far from bad. The story is unique and interesting and keeps you guessing. The 2 new powers you get is another positive. After drinking the tea from the willow tree Conner gets acquainted with wolf. You can now send a pack of invisible wolves to get you out of hairy situations but the best new addition is the ability to turn invisible. This would seem overpowered but the more you use your life goes down. Kind of like the apple in Brotherhood back when you were ,good old, ezio. This ability is great for sneaking to one hiding spot to another and getting the edge in combat.

The infamy is a good DLC for Assassins Creed 3  and I can't wait for the next one which should be set in Boston. If you are low on money; wait on this one. But if you a huge fan of AC this is a pretty dood addition to the game. 8.5


  1. So just wait until they go down in price

    1. It's a good DLC but if you are not a big AC fan then wait. YOu never know they might have a sell once the next one comes out. Or they may bundle all 3 episodes together once all of them come out.

  2. I like this AC.. Its was good to see a change in location.