Sunday, November 2, 2014

Some Walking Dead stuff!!!This week and last week show! and other thingy!

I think the guy that was with Daryl is  Noah ,he runs into Daryl and Carol and they come up with idea where Carol pretense to be hurt,so she would be inside.Beth was going to take out the Doc whom I wouldn't trust at all.Until she see Carol ,I think the two would join together and kick some ass! Carol has show us she can deal with stuff without guns and etc,she will used what she find around!
Ok last week show where they get rid of Gareth,they had too.Rick is a guy of his word and kill Gareth and his little group. Like I said in many place Bob was bitten and the terminus people eat tainted meat.But since people are already infected I don't know if it made any difference eat tainted meat. I forgot what I was going to said...I think Glenn and Maggie got a little upset when they saw Rick,Sash Abraham Ford, and Michonne kill the terminus people in that away.I think they deserved to be kill that away. I knew what Father Gabriel Stokes done.He kept the door lock up at the church and heard his people getting kill.I wouldn't trust him because he might lock the door on Rick and his group somewhere else.I would leave him there and leave because he is none good,he get freak out when they kill the walker,so if he can't kill anything what good is he? Would you allow him to be with you? But I think Rick would allow him to come with them if he want too, because he show them where to find food!
The next show clip. I think the people in the hospital just grab people like they done with Eugene Porter,now Abraham group will run into Ricks group after Both Carol and Beth already took care of everyone!!AHAH LOL.Because in clip sometime ago,it show the bus crashing.around the 2:14 time line on the clip and they are after Eugene to save him!!
There might be more or not!???

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