Sunday, November 30, 2014

Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer

This is the first glimpse of what J.J Abrams has done with the Star Wars brand. I am really impressed and cant wait to see more. At the beginning we see a guy in a storm trooper outfit that looks like he is on the run. He might be discussed as a stormtrooper like Luke and Han did before. Then we see a new droid that looks like a soccer ball??? A woman gets on a stupid looking speeder, this may be Han and Leia's daughter, maybe? We also get a glimpse of who may be the new sith or apprentice with a lightsaber that has two little daggers coming out of each side. These may be hand guards. We all know this is needed because people always seem to get their hands cut off in star wars. The end of the trailer is the crown jewel as we see the milleniun Falcon flying through the air.

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