Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let me just say

That Spike TV is one major fuck up. You can tell who pay them off because they show only the Xbox press show and few other than they had to stop their coverage of E3 to show a tv show that was 10 years old. At least with G4 their coverage was for all 3 days.
Now they had it where they stream it on the net. But how about the people that don't have high speed net work. But I want to watch the show on a big tv and not a PC tv. This suck but after many people bitch at Spike TV about not showing the whole E3 show. Spike don't care about it viewship.
Now also some of the press show wasn't that good at all. Ubisofts,EA,Xbox,Sony(The first one was bad and the last one was good) and that same women was at Ubsoft press. Some people like her and some people don't .I don't know
I was excepting to see something about Resident Evil 7,Silent Hill for the PS4 and xbox 1 but so far nothing,Both game system had some good first party games. I was hoping to see more new games but they show indie games(when I said they I mean PS4/Xbox1) which was good but they don't reach the games you like COD,Castlevania etc.  They show Dead Island was good,The first one was a very bug rid game it was ok, This one look very good.
Ubisoft show Rainbow 6 which is ok and Play game in co op look like they are jumping on that bandwagon. I guess it good if you can find good people to play with.  I like the AC game and the Tomb Raider game .Both side PS4 and Xbox had some good games for their system plus xbox people had announce that they would get their DLCs first for COD (thanks for reminding Helper)
New stuff.Im glad to see that they are making single play top in their gaming plan. And it looking  like they aren't just going to add online game play to every game,Come let face it some of that this addon online game play wasn't any good,
But the online game play are changing I hope for good.They are willing to try something else instead of team deathmatch and etc. And most of them are adding co-op in game plus they are giving players the opportunity to seamlessly move between solo play and engaging with others.

 Rainbow Six Siege the players alternately in the roles of terrorist and tactical response team. This title looks to be fast-paced, pushing teams to communicate, lay smart defenses (or breach them creatively), and execute on a plan that is constantly in flux. .Hey at least they are trying something new here.
They show Sony’s Project Morpheus.Which is virtual reality environment for head-mounted displays! It wouldn't be ready until 2016! This isn't new they try this before way back in the 16 bit years it didn't work out kind of like 3D tv you need eyeglasses for each person.This would also have to be cheap below $20 or cheaper from what I saw it would cost too much.Plus they would need a way to all dress this for people that wears eyeglasses to see like me! I think it wouldn't be ready even in the year 2016 they are talking about
More meaningful Open World game like  Dragon Age: Inquisition, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and The Witcher 3 herald a new age of player agency. All three of these titles bring player choice out of dialog trees and into gameplay. But more games like AC,GTA etc ,Even action  type of games.
Return of Horror base games. Resident Evil used to be like this before they turn it into just another COD type of game a shooter. I hope they return Resident Evil back to it roots  but with modern controls and camera
The Evil Within, which had a rough showing at PAX East, was expectedly delayed to give Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks more time. Based on what we saw at E3, things are looking up. Mikami is the father of survival horror, and we’re relieved that his newest title is going to make us tense.
Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age is another title that is evoking a gothic horror feel. While the cooperative nature of the gameplay is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, the close camera and freakish nature of the enemies are definitely designed to terrify. Procedural generation of environments and objectives will keep players on their toes. Games that scare us!!
Japan gaming company are become strong again, The video game market has shifted over the past twenty years, as western studios rose and Japanese development ebbed. If this E3 shows us anything, it’s that balance is returning.
With game like Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within), Bloodborne (From Software), Kojima Productions (Metal Gear Solid V), all had extremely strong showings at E3 2014. They join Nintendo’s studios, which laid out a plan for the future that could elevate the Wii U’s standing (if the publisher can better manage its development pipeline).
Swery is still prepping D4 for Xbox One, Suda51’s newly announced Let it Die, Platinum Games has exclusives for Wii U (Bayonetta 2) and Xbox One (Scalebound) in the works, and Atlus continues to bring some of Japan’s greatest to western shores.
Japanese developers are regaining their footing, and this generation should see a return to balance and a more diverse range of experiences because of it.
I like Scalebound and KIllerwithin look good as well.

 I have more but wait for it


  1. Alberto is back? Yes I was happy with Battlefield....

  2. Xbox gets Call of Duty DLC first. not Battlefield

  3. Yes The old G4 show everything... I miss the show.

  4. Yes I like the coverage that G4 did. Spike said it does a good job showing the E3 show. but you can tell whom they like xbox 1 and EA! Because the other part of the show is online which is a turn off for me because I like to record it and watch it when I had time.Sad thing is we need another station that would show the whole E3 show..