Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nintendo Stuff at E3

Of course there is Super Smash Brother for the WiiU but I was excepting this, They have said you can use Mii's . They come in three varieties. Brawlers, swordfighters, and gunners,oh well
Wii U  version will work with its recently announced Skylanders-like interactive toys called Amiibo!

Super Smash Brother for  3DS
While the Wii U Smash Bros is gigantic, the portable version is coming out first this October. Nintendo said it is working to bring all the characters and levels to this game as well. The 3DS fighter was originally intended to debut this summer, but it now won’t arrive until early fall.

Nintendo’s interactive toys is now known as Amiibo. The figurines won’t only support Super Smash Bros. It will also work with the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 and Skylanders: Trap Team sequels to give the Wii U version exclusive features.The company is also promising that it is working on additional titles of its own that incorporates Amiibo.That includes going back and patching Amiibo support into Mario Kart 8 for Wii U, which debuted late last month.

 Yoshi Wooly World: A few years ago they done this with Kirby’s Epic Yarn! But this time it Yoshi turn! A game that includes interesting fabric-based gameplay. Co-op will enable players to work together by swallowing and shooting one another around the levels.Wooly World is coming in 2015.

Zelda for the WiiU : Many people had been begging for this games.  For Wii U, the new Zelda will put the hero Link into a massive open world. See mountains in the background? Those aren’t decorations, you can walk to those and climb them. They show some of the game at the press thing it looks ok. But it don't have the graphic details like a xbox or PS 3 or 4. But for a WiiU it was detail for that system. it due out in 2015

Nintendo only know how to makes Pokemon games we have Pokemon Omega Rudy and Alpha Sapphire! Nintendo showed off the first gameplay of these classics running on 3DS. The updated remakes will use the same engine that powers X and Y, which means fully 3D worlds and highly detailed battles.

 Bayonetta 2 this game has been announced for some time,its finally getting a release date
Nintendo’s partnership with Platinum Games will some produce some delicious, brawling fruit. The two companies showed off a new trailer of the titular witch Bayonetta taking on hordes of demons.
The game is due out in October for Wii U. The video was fast so I thing you might be getting the first Bayonetta too! The first game was on the PS3

 Zelda:Hyrule Warriors
The developer responsible for Dynasty Warriors is taking on the Zelda franchise in this new collaboration. This will have players taking control of Link, Zelda, Impa, and more to fight off endless waves of enemy grunts.It is due out Sept. 30 for Wii U.

 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Nintendo is finally introducing a sequel to one of the DS’s best games, Kirby’s Canvas Curse. The new release is on Wii U, but it will still have players drawing lines to control a rolling Kirby. The gameplay established itself as something new and different on DS, and we haven’t seen anything like it since. It is due out in 2015.

Monolith Soft has finally revealed the name for the Wii U game known as X. It is Xenoblade Chronicles X, which makes it the latest entry in the Xeno franchise. The game will have players battling in mechs in an action role-playing game in 2015.

 Captain Toad:Treasure Tracker
 In Super Mario 3D World, players got the chance to solve puzzles with Captain Toad. Now he is getting his own game that is nothing but these 3D brain-stumpers. It is due out soon.

You can made your own Mario Brother game  on The WiiU with Mario Maker will have you using the GamePad to place items, obstacles, and powerups — and then you can share it with friends. Finally, I can make my re-re-re-remix of all my favorite levels from the franchise.

Nintendo is making a shooter — although, as you might expect, it won’t feature ultraviolence. Instead, players play as squids who shoot ink. It’s team based, and the point isn’t necessarily to kill one another. Instead, four-person squads fight to cover as much of the environment in their colored ink before time runs out. But you can also turn into a human to fire your weapons at each other, although you won’t win if you get the most kills.It is due out soon.

  Star Fox
Nnintendo teased this game, but we won’t see more until later into E3. It looks like another entry in the space-shooter genre.

Fantasy Life:A new RPG from Level-5.

There was a little more

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