Thursday, June 5, 2014


1. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

It has a release date! February 24 2015. There is also a e3 trailer:

This game should be really good,

2.Dead Rising 3

is coming to PC. Originally an exclusive Xbox One game will be expanding its horizon. There will also be improved graphics when it moves to PC.

3. Microsoft is making the Kinect optional

It's about time! This was one of the biggest complaints about Microsoft's new console. The removal of the Kinect caused the system to have more power; now developers have 10% more GPU performance to work with!

4.Borderlands the pre-sequel

This game features 4 new characters that work for handsome Jack. It is being developed by gearbox and 2k Australia and will be released on October 14 for the ps3,360, and PC.

5. Some new games
  • Criterion(Burnout, Need for Speed) will have a new game at E3
  • Crystal Dynamics( Tomb Raider) will have a new game at E3
  • Take Two says they will continue Bioshock and Red Dead 
6. Jack Tretton is back

The ex Sony ceo will be analyzing E3 with spike. He will be commenting on everything even Microsoft. It's good to see he is still in the gaming business and hopefully he will make the spike coverage better then last year.

7. Last but not least

Luigi has a death stare in the new Mario kart which is a very good game by the way.

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