Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Battlefield Hardline

Yes, it's true- another Battlefield already! The series has gone downhill  with the release of BF4. A game with so many problems that many people did not get to play online. I encountered none of these problems and enjoyed the multiplayer but EA still needs some serous repairing. They plan to do this with hardline. Battlefield has always been about the military but this game will be about cops! There is some information about the games thanks to leaks. The story is centered around officer Nick Mendoza(hopefully he talks) who is involved with crooked cops and criminals. The game is set up like a TV series with episodes resembling missions. Each episode can be replayed in a different way. There are some pretty good actors which include: Travis Willngham, (Reggie from Infamous Second Son) and Eugene Byrd (Bones). There are also actors from popular TV series such as Justified, The Americans and House of Cards. Multiplayer includes hostage rescue, heists, car chases, and a capture the flag mode. I really want this game to be good but I probably won't buy it either way unless we see some exceptional gameplay at E3.

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  1. I like the change. But the online game play is alway great in the Battlefield games.I do hope this isn't a buggie game!