Sunday, March 30, 2014

Great cheap games!

Bioshock 1 and 2 _For the first game for the Xbox 360 $9.99.For Bioshock 2 -XBox 360 $6.99. PS3 $6.99 .

The Saboteur  a game for both Xbox360/PS3.Its set in WW2. I like the driving and it was made by the same people that done LANoir  its about $7 for the xbox 360,$9.99 for the PS3(both price are for used games) and $19.99 for the PC version!

 Infamous1 and 2 only on the PS 3 you can get  Infamous1 used for about $7.00 and for  Infamous 2 for $9 or buy brand new Infamous collection for $29.99 

FallOut 3-Fall out 3 ;Game of the Years has many additions and have all the DLCs.This why Im talking about this version,you can get everything for $19.99 for the PS3 and the Xbox 360(newgame price).Hey you mind well get new disk the used game price is about $14.00.

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition_ with lots of extra and DLC maps. Make this the game to get and only cost $19.99 for the XBox 360  and  PS3. This for brand new game the used one cost 18.99? So is buying a new game worth $1.00! I said yes you get a new and fresh disks.
Alan Wake-Used $14 and new for $19.99. Its sad we will never see Alan Wake 2 because it didn't sell 1million copy in one month,its took a while but once it pick up it sold like crazy. Buy the America Nightmare also!!!It adds more guns and stories lines.

Dead space 1 and 2  Collector Edition for the Xbox360 and PS 3 is $29.99.Normal new games cost $19.99 and used games cost around $9.99. But the collector edits had some many extras stuff I think it might be worth it to buy it
Deadspace 3 new game $19.99 for both xbox360 and PS 3

L.A. Noire_Complete  Edition for the xbox360 and PS3  New price $29.99! has all the addon content. Used price is $ 27.99? Me don't understand the way they price their stuff!!
*All price was from Gamespot site!


  1. You see they are lots of cheap games for the older game system.It would take a lot to get me to buy the PS4 or xbox1.There are still no game I want to buy for them maybe next year there would be some for the 2015!

  2. Just stick with the old game system lots of cheap games to get and play.