Saturday, April 19, 2014

Infamous Second Son Review

Its easy for those negative people out there to give this game a bad score but I am an optimist. I fill the good things about this game outshine the bad.

Cole has died and an organization called DUP has risen up to control the bio terrorist threat. Cole supposedly  killed all the conduits on the last game but there was a few that made it out. One of those conduits is Delsin Rowe, a young man who finds out he has sponge powers. This means he can take other peoples powers. At the beginning of the game a DUP truck crashes and three conduits escape all of which you will get to meet(and take their powers)later. This is when Delsin finds out about his abilities by absorbing the smoke power. The leader of the DUP shows up, a women named Augustine. You will grow to hate this women and she is a good villain because you learn that she has her own reasons for doing what she does. It turns out the DUP have concrete powers and Augustine impales Delsin's whole tribe with concrete. The whole tribe will be killed unless you can get concrete powers yourself to save them. Delsin and his brother ,Reggie, follow Augustine into Seattle. Throughout the game you will gain new powers to be powerful enough to stop Augustine. It is up to you whether or not those powers will be used for good or evil.

The story is very simple and easy to follow and it is nothing as drastic as the last games. In a way it feels a little empty because it is not very deep and Sucker punch could have done so much more. The characters you meet have so much potential but they are forgotten and put on the bench for the main plot of the story. Delsin meets Fetch, a girl with neon powers who is not afraid to speak her mind, and Eugene, a shy nerd. These characters have so much potential because their stories are emotional and engaging. There should have been a set of side missions for each character giving them the treatment they deserve and making the game longer. The best character is Reggie who brings a positive aspect to the otherwise empty story. You get to see the relationship between the brothers throughout the game. The character development for Reggie and Delsin is a breathe of fresh air for the story of second son. The progression of the series is also good ,for the events of Second Son is a logical step in the Infamous world. There is a strong sense of authenticity because conduits are facing discrimination just like any group that doesn't belong in the real world. The story is disappointing but Reggie, the believable enemy,and realistic progression for the series makes it stronger.

Seattle is a great location for a free roam game because it has many memorable land marks. Sucker Punch capitalizes and this making it the best setting of the series. The games makes you want to go to Seattle because it is very accurate and depicts a beautiful city. This is possible through the amazing graphics of Second Son. The lighting effects are probably the best of any game right now. This is showcased with Delsin's powers which look spectacular. The side activities are a good diversion to the main story but nothing else. These arrange from: finding hidden cameras, dead drops, DUP in disguise, and blast shards. As wells as spray paint activities. These are all well and good but I want actual side missions. On the last game you actually had to find the blast shards but they are already on the map in Second Son. This provides a walk in the park experience that makes upgrading easy and takes away a sense of exploration. It's to bad that there is not a lot to do in such a great setting.

The best part of Second Son is the gameplay and wow is it great. This game creates a blast of fun through its use of powers and controls. Controls that make the game simple but fun as you are constantly moving in what may be the best combat I have ever seen. Every power is different and unique not to mention really cool. You can switch powers with ease just by finding that element in the environment. It makes for a realistic feel but also an inviting experience because you don't have to pause the game to switch powers. The good and evil choices effect your powers again but not to the extent of the last game. This time around they mainly effect precision and destruction.  For example a good power may slow down time while a bad power makes rate of fire faster. The decisions are about the same as the other Infamous games. Everyone will look at you different but it doesn't really effect the story until the end. When you are bad you will face some hard choices defiantly near the end when you have to choose to kill or let someone live. ( not going to say anything else for the sake of spoilers)

It seems everything bad about Second Son culminates to one thing and that is its length. The main story is great but the side activities are lacking. If Second Son was longer there could be more to do in Seattle, fully developed characters and a deeper story. Infamous Second Son gets a 8.5!

Some side notes:

  • Infamous paper trail is free DLC that evolves gameplay mixed with computer detective work. This is hard to review because it can have a different effect on different people. I like it, but I can see how others could hate it. But free is always nice!  
  • Why didn't Sucker punch finish the last power?( Those of you that have beat the game will understand!) 
  • Photo mode was recently added which provides a great use of the share button. I believe every ps4 and xbox one game should have a option like this. 
  • What I would like to see in the next Infamous game- Multiple side missions that have a story of their own. Cole either from a memory or time travel. A online co-op mode! 
What would you like to see in the next Infamous game or upcoming DLC?

I wish you could actually do this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With neon you can choose to shoot them in the head to obliterate them or in the leg to capture them.

Rabbit person with paper powers!? (from papertrail) the only think you get for going through the process is a few jackets and that mask! I was hoping to get a new power!


  1. I love this game.

  2. The story was just ok. The main guy is ok.I like the evil side but the good side had some interesting power as well.I think you should play it a few time on both evil and good.The story could had be better and the rock power was left uncompleted.