Thursday, March 20, 2014

Castlevania LOS 2

Hello, I played some of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
Like I said in one post it load during the beginning of the starting scene which I expected. After this there was no loading that interfered with the game.
Century past between the first game and this one. Dracula has been raging war against GOD creations the humans race. After he whips the brotherhood of Light whom attack his castle, Dracula wants to end his life but can't. Alucard offers him a chance to kill the Devil and Death(Zobek)who is hiding from Dracula. And after they go with this plan(I'm not going to tell ) the Devil people do come out. This causes Zobek to look for Dracula and find him in part of his old castle in which a modern city grows up around.
Dracula is very weak from his years of sleep and he has lost most of his powers. Death placed him in a room with a family and Dracula feed on this family in his weak state then woke up in his old but still weak state. Your first mission is to regain your power. Every once in while your return to the old castle. Dracula want to leave it but the castle which we learn from the past game is a living lifeform it get its strength from its master in which is Dracula .The blood  of the castle at certain times take over the many creature whom used to be control by Dracula.Now the castle control them until you defeat them. Both the Castle and Dracula form symbolic relationship.But Dracula can just leave and if he does the castle would die or goto sleep until its next master show up.
Controlling Dracula is very easy. He is extremely agile and fast and this is helpful as you jump and move around while changing weapons between attacks. Some bad guy can only be harmed by using a certain weapon. Bad guys with shields can be done away by using Dracula's Chaos Claws which heats up the shield causing it to break away. Than you can use his blood whip to take care of them. There is also the Voil sword which takes the attacker's life force away while filling yours up. These two weapons must be recharged with power. Your focus  can do this by filling up the gauge when attacking bad guys. Then you can fill up your Voil and Chaos Claws, but when you are hit this gauge goes back down to nothing, so keep moving. One strategy is to go in for a few hits than move away.
There are few things that I didn't like: the parts where you have to sneak around. I get it in the first part because he is still weak, but later on I wish you could knock them out or something like that,like the Agreus section, Pan's brother, are I hope few and far between.You just have to  figure out how to get past Agreus. I found that using Dracula mist is helpful. I just want the game to give us the choice of how to deal with this! Another thing is at times I don't know which way to go. I wish you could make the map bigger.
I also wish you could control Alucard(Trevor the kid) ,Dracula(Gabriel Belmont) real son, but that is another story in which you already know if you play any of the past games.

There is no online game play which is good at least they didn't try to add online game play to a game that it isn't needed.
PS they are coming up with a DLC for you to have Alucard as a playable guy.
Remember Dracula kill his own son and try to save him by giving him some of his blood . Alucard wake up and find out he is a vampire and he fight against the creature that his dad send to kill the human. He find out his dad  is Dracula and that he want to end his life but can't.Remember in the first game GOD give his life back but without his wife.He save the human race and he has to become a vampire to enter in a world where The Forgotten One live.Its want to kill the humans. Gabriel Belmont becomes wash in evil emit by TFO and he renamed himself from Gabriel Belmont to Dracula.

I give this game a 8.0
I know many of the review people give it a low score. But remember one of them was the people who give Duke Nukem a 7.5
I suggest that you rent the game to see if you like it.
Plus if you want nextgen graphic  than get the PC version.
Released for the XBox360 and  PS3 and PC. Out now!


  1. I like this game and you're right about wanting to control the game and deal with thing the way you want too.How did you get past the Agreus section? Every time that thing find you he get you and you can't control anything. I think some of the games reviewer don't really play game fully time like we do.They like to play cell phone type of game where you play for a few minutes than you reach for the real game systems.

  2. The game reminds me of God of war but this one is better. The controls are very good.There are some section I wish the game would allow you to deal with it the way you wish if you want to knock people out or hide until they leave the area

  3. This game says that God evil! If you have God on your side than you don't need games and should be in church to pray for yours soul as you kids play this anti-god game.

    1. This story is about a men who start out doing God work and than become evil.This men lost his wife and kid ,its only nature for human to blame God. Remember his is god chosen one he was brought back to earth.But after winning a against the Devil and The forgotten One he was expecting to be with his wife but he can't now he become a vampire to go into the forgotten ones world and when he defeat that creature he was overwhelm by evil but you see as you play the game he want to end it .But the two thing that cause the whole thing are gone and hiding the Devil and his people when into hiding and so did death. Just play the game rent it

    2. I allow this post to stay here remember this board is about video games. This is one subject that can get out of control,if it does I will deleted.
      PS Libera sing very good. I listen to some of their stuff and I like it with many other music.
      Anti God? GOD Likes video games! I think if you want to talk more about god make your own board.Video Games!!!! will live forever! In one form or another.

  4. One thing that God give you is free will. Now after playing this game you see that Dracula does get help from his family Trevor,maria and Alucard.This time he has his family and this time he pick his family. Remember Fate is hard master even with freewill. Its was Gabriel Belmont that stop the Devil and the old Forgotten One now he didn't have to do that like some said Gabriel Belmont become Dracula to stop The forgotten One. But its was God that give he life back after Death took it away,Gabriel Belmont fall into despair and without Maria why not become a vampire and still have your old human feeling he feel betrayed but God and his old friend whom now he know was Death. After hundred of years of a war with human he want to end his life but he can't he is immortal even after manytry that the Belmont try to kill him and the brotherhood.Because he was and still is God chosen one.One began to think he was give his live so Gabriel Belmont (Draclua) back to stop the Devil from destroying Human this why God give his life back and after the game he come to the same constitution.Now many people will be very surprise of the ending of the game "it isn't what you would except.!!"

  5. Its hard to tell what GOD wants.If there is a GOD anymore just look at the way the world is today we spend billion on useless stuff like football but nothing on educating our kids or we spend billion on war while we could had spend the cash here in the states to build atomic power plants so we wouldn't need their damn oil. Yes no wonder why God don't talk to us and why should he after all he give human the Earth and look what we done with it.If we are to be blow up its the human faith not GODs!

    1. Why don't you talk about a good game after all this isn't religious site.
      The Ending well it wasn't what I expecting but this is good. They do give you a hint when a few people tell Dracula that only Gabriel Belmont can destroy Dracula from the inside ! This time he does have his family Trevor both in as a kid to Alucard(trevor) and Maria. But in the end Dracula is destroy! Just play the game ok. Im now on the DLC playing as Alucard. So far is good because Alucard has a different powers which is great.If you want to be lazy I guess you could just look up the ending on You Tube,,,,

  6. Girl that Like to Play video gamesApril 30, 2014 at 8:50 AM

    I like this game better than God of War!

  7. I love this game.... and God of War. There is room for both games in my room