Monday, October 14, 2013

The Walking Dead new characters

TO of my favorite characters from the comic books were revealed to be on this season of the walking dead.

Abraham and Eugene! I was always hoping that Abraham would be on the show and my wish came true!
Abraham will be played by Micheal Cudlitz. He knows that he may not have the job long because TWD is known for killing characters. But that's part of the fun. Abraham is Rick's right hand man after Tyrees in the comics and is a main and important character. So I think he will be around for a while. Eugene will be played by Josh McDermitt.

Here is someone else I think will be in this season:

Chris: The leader of a bunch of cannibals, a truly creepy dude. He is the one that ate Dale's legs in the comic. I believed they even teased him in the trailer

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  1. Good that they are adding people from the comic books