Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ok are you ready? The New Season of The Walking Dead!!

That is right last Sunday.. Here is my little take on the show. It was about 6 month after the last season show. Rick and son has become a farmer and Carl no long have the gun. Rick had giving up his leadership and going out and killing zombie to ring in Carl whom was just killing people. Hey wait I do kind of agree with him when he shot the kid, hey when someone tell you to drop the dam gun, you drop the dam gun, you don't keep on getting closer and closer while still holding the gun. Remember the kid was 2time Carl size. But that was last season and this is for this season .  Carl was become out of control and Rick see its his duty to bring some kind routines to Carl lifestyle .This means welcome new people into the group. Carl now have people close to his own age.
They made some changes to their home, More people, they are growing their own food and they have pigs and other animals  Yahooooo they have showers so everyone look a lot cleaner. Carol is teaching the kid how do defend their self. And Daryl has become one of the leader.
As I said before Rick had give up his leadership and now they have The counsel whom now tell the other what need to be done. Like going on food runs, killing walker at the gate etc. With more people there and everything look like it going good. It can't last for long  and it doesn't. One of the kids is sick now and he dies in the shower and at the end of Sunday show he becomes a walker while everyone else is a sleep.. Talking about a bad time, the next show is going to go bad fast.
Here the deal I say this in my Facebook page.There is something I notice with the walker they show there was lot of blood around their eyes and we now saw blood around the next walker in the shower.
This means that the Zombie Virus has mutated and it now jump in pigs and other animals maybe we only saw the pig was sick! Does this means zombie pigs?!!
Now with the old Zombie virus that kill billion of people by causing high temps ,the body just burn it self out. Many of the people dies like this and become walker. But in every disease like the Black Death  and lot of the other disease there was always a number of people who had full immunity  or they become carrier like typhoid Mary whom didn't get sick but still had the bug within her. This part immunity is because in easy terms their body know how to control the bug but it doesn't know how to get rid of the bug(their immune system don't have the info it need to get rid of it).This why there is still people left but now people are going to said Well Alberto how come people still becoming walker after death! Its really simple here this immune factor works only in a healthy body if some get bitten, their immune system don't have the power to fight the Zombie bug(ZB)  and other bud that are introduce with a zombie bitten you plus your body is damaged. This weak body cause the ZB grain the upper hand and does its job very fast. After the body dies the ZB now had full range and wake up the body.After the body dies no more immune system, so the bug restart the brain
Now with the new ZB  oh well they show the zombie many times with the blood around the eyes. And the kids was very sick before he die. This might means that the new ZB has become air borne and maybe in the water but I don't think so because if that was the case all the people would be sick. The new ZB is going after the people that have no immunity.
Hershel Greene,  has a wooden leg now no more PC removing his leg .Michonne is out to get the Governor .Carl is doing what a kid should be doing stay out of trouble and reading comic books. Rick smiles and didn't just shoot the women in the woods(which he would had done in the last season). Beths Green new boyfriend dies in the first show, when told she said I don't cry anymore. Tyreese, does want to kill the walking, only if they attack him, he need to grow up. Dude kill them all what the hell wrong with you? Patrick the guy whom dies in the shower is the voice actor for Phineas Flynn's  cartoon. Come on dude tell someone you are sick!!!Ops to late!
The first show of this season of The Walking Dead was watch by 16 million people and by time everyone watch their recording on the DVRs it could reach 20 million and outperforming all programs including primetime NFL football.
I was going to put some photo up maybe later on
UPDATE 10/20/13
I haven't watch the Talking Dead let because they  come up with my ideas...!!
OK I forgot about the everyday virus and bugs and flus that we have today but we keep them at bay with antivirus medicines , vaccines and other drugs. Those  are still around. The last bird flu in the 1918s kill 90 million people and this was before any type  of medicines to treat them kind of like they are The Walking Dead, they can look for some at your local drug store but if you don't know what type of flu it is, it can cause more damage than good.
Let see someone is feed the zombie with rats and this cause the zombie to almost knock the fleece down than Rick go into action and Carl get his gun back and Rick has become maybe a leader. Like Daryl said because of Rick they learned how to deal with stuff even with his mistakes. Carol and Carl have some talking to do she don't want Carl to tell Rick about what she is teaching the kids but Carl don't want to lie to his dad. Carl tell his dad and he tell him that Carol should be allow to keep on teaching the kid and Rick a agrees. Carl had to take out a walker but he reacts to it, its been awhile since he kill anything. Michonne  get hurt and she start to cry when she holds Judith. Maybe she lost her kid, Ok its short
UPDATE 10/27/13 
3rd show. Almost everyone is sick from from a virus even Glen has its now. Hershel Greene when outside to get some berries which control the  symptoms of the virus. Carl hen with him,you see Carl got his hat and gun back but so far didn't shoot anything he was but Hershel Greene told him there was no reason too,Carl listen and didn't shot. Carl like his dad need some downtime. Tyreese find his girl friend burn up, he going a little crazy but this is understandable Rick try to get him to chill out but Tyreese start hitting Rick than goes crazy and beat him down. Daryl and other decide to go on a medical run that is over 50 miles away. Daryl ,Tyreese, Michonne, some other guy sorry I don't recalled his name. Sasha is sick too. A long with one of the kids Carol care for after their father die.
So the big 4 people get into the car and go and thye turn on a radio and hear someone talking ,Hey Daryl keep your eyes on the road dude!! To late he hit a few zombie lucky they are already dead. Daryl stop the car at 1st you wonder why and than they show about 5000 zombies. One thing Zombie herd have the right away. I like it when they back up and the wheel spins and one of the zombie try to grab the wheel HAHA LOL. They get out except Tyreese  but than he get his hummer out and goes to business its about time dude ! what the hell wrong with you!?The other people get it wipe out the zombie or they will get you what part of this he don;t get? Hell even a kid like Carl get it. You take them out when they try to get you or you die...
Rick find out some stuff about who burn the sick people. Carol goes outside to get the water pump working again and Rick have to help her out. Rick shot ok for not his gun hand which was hurt when he beats tyreese . Rick than comforts Carol did she kill and burn the sick people and she said Yes and walk away.My take: Carol feel guilty of not acting fast enough she thought that by kill those 2 she stop the virus but its didn't work and few time she lost it.
For the next show video. Rick and Carol goes to some houses to find some stuff to help Hershel ,they was going though people house to find anything that would be useful,medicines,first aid kits etc.It show that the Daryl group had made it to the university  and find the room. (I would had look in Woodbury )Remember they had the medicines  to take care of  Andrea when she was sick!!!!Oh well! maybe they clean that out!?
11?03/2013 show
One of the man whom when with Daryl for drugs and stuff when just to get himself some alcoholic drink. He was the only man left over from 2 group plus he is a alcoholic . Maybe he was sleeping  or passout while the other was kill off. He almost draw his gun on Daryl, I was thought that Daryl was going to push him off the roof . Tyreece is still having problems and chill out at the end. Rick and Carol when to get some supply and meet two people one of them got eat up and the other one ? I don't know. Carol told Rick that he can't just be  a farmer and that he was a good leader. I think he should become the leader again. The way thing are going they need 1 person to called the shot. I think Rick made a good called telling Carol to go. because he knew when he tells the group of what she done, Tyreece would kill her and it would split the group up,OH well what is left of the group! Plus she was telling Carl to lie to him. If it was me sick I would want them to wait until I die and than burn me and not to just kill me right away but I can kind of see her point too they was a threated to her and everyone else. It depend on how human you are most people would wait to see if they could make it, At times people do make it back from  sickness. I was excepting Carol to drive Rick off the road. LOL . Like Rick said if it was just him and his kids and her left,he wouldn't allow her to stay.In his mind if Carl got sick she would just kill him too. I understand this also.
The Daryl group made it out of the school with the drugs and etc that Herschel needs. The doc is on his last legs. Herschel better close the doors and lock the people up.
I have a question for you "Would You stay in the prison after all of this or would you move around and keep moving? They can put wood in the cells and burn them from the inside or pick up lots of Clorox and flood everything down.. I don't know for myself I would move around for a while until let said a few months and than return. The  virus would be gone.
Would you allow for Bob  to stay with the group?


  1. Yes I believe that it is going get bad fast. They can't have anybody doing good

  2. I like this show. I hope it go on forever.

  3. I do hope they can save a few people it was good to see them with lots of people. Rick need to become a leader again.