Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Lot of Gaming News( last of us DLC, Watch dogs delied, mass effect news, gta online, infamous pre order, Steam controller, and elder scrolls custimization)

1.The Last of Us DLC

Naughty Dog has released 4 new maps for The Last of Us Here is all the infor you could ever hope for

2.Game Delays 

Driveclub for ps4 delayed to next year and Watch Dogs delayed to next year. Hey Ubisoft is actually taking their time! Shocking!

This ad came out before the delay

3.New Mass Effect

It is in the works lekely for next generation consoles and will not have commander Shepard.

4.GTA Online  

It's fixed now... hopefully. I have been playing it and I enjoy it. Plus you should be getting some extra money in you (in game) bank from Rockstar. I wish it was real money!

5. Infamous Second Son Pre Order info

Infamous Second Son Limited Edition

I actually like the case for the pre order better then the special edition. You also get to see what happened between infamous 2 and second son. Here is the collectors edition for $79. 99
Infamous Second Son Collector's Edition

6. Elder Scrolls Online customization

7. Steam Controller


  1. The last of us need more DLC..Just hope that they do a better job for Watchdog remember the AC games full of bugs.I new Mass Efffrct I do hope they made it where your chooses does make the ending diffent. GTA online fix your stuff,need more fixing.. Elder Scrolls Online customization ? Just look at the old games how many way you could change stuff. They done lots oh boy you can take forever just making your character ,I do hope you can make changes if you want too.

  2. Its good to see them doing more work on Watchdogs

  3. Its look like you guy don't have to have any game system when they come out because most of the "launch games" aren't launch games any more. So take yours time!