Monday, October 14, 2013

Recognition: Nolan North

This guy has probably been in many of your games. He is very talented and mostly known has Drake from Uncharted. But he has also done many other big roles like Deadpool. He is basically the new voice of dead pool now. He is also the penguin from the batman games. He changed his voice so much that I didn't know until I saw his name in the credits. Another big role was Desmond from Assassins Creed. Recently he was the president in Saints Row 5. Wow this guy is busy! He also does some movies and cartoon voice overs.
You probably don't even know he is in your game.
 He even talks to himself in Mafia 2:

Here is a list of everything he has been in:(and it's long!)


Live-action roles[edit]

Video game roles[edit]

Credit: Wikipedia 
This guy is really talented and you never know when you will hear his voice!

Here is some videos: (video game impersonations) (Christopher Walken impersonation)
I keep the links just in case..


  1. I wish I was that good

  2. Yes where is the movie he was to be in?