Thursday, October 31, 2013

A new Video of Castlevania:Lord of Shadow 2

Gabriel Belmont was used by everyone.The Brotherhood of light because they knew from the mirror of Fate how thing would turn out. Zobek because was a  last of the brotherhood of dark,he is a Lord of the Necromancers. Everyone was being used be the Devil whom want to came into the Earth so he could take over his father "God". God give Gabriel Belmont because he give back his life after beating the Devil ass back to hell,so that he can live again after so much was taken away. But after he again save human from the forgotten one after he beat him,its power wash over Gabriel at this point he give in to that power and rename himself as Dracula .Oh yes he had to become a vampire  to enter in the forgotten ones world.After Dracula defeat in the game mirror of fate. And at the end of Castlevania Lords of Shadows. A weaken Dracula wakes up to a new world of modern time Zobek tell him that the devil is due back and he need his help to beat him back to hell and if he wins Zobek(Lord of the Necromancers) would give him what he want to be mortal again and back with his wife. He can't die but he can't live!
I posted a true ending from the first game so time ago


  1. Hello.This game would be great.. I saw the game play video and this guy make the God of War look like pussy!

  2. Good..This guy is really piss off. But he was giving a job by God through his wife to kill the Forgotten one who want to kill all of God creation(human). After he does this he gets corrupted by evil becomes a very evil Dracula ,He could had used the power to help mankind.But he don't

  3. Why did you tell me the ending of this game I got a week ago and now look.its still a good game. I Like it and I only used to like FPS. WHY,WHY WHY did you tell the ending to me and us? WHY!!!!

    1. Are you crazy? All you had to do is look it up on Google and that would tell you about the ending

  4. I love this video.. I going to get the first one! Because of this place keep up the good work. My job take to some far away place where being online isn't in the card ,also no power. Im glad to back and taking a hot shower....Its feel good