Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ubisoft at comic con

Ubisoft had a replica of Edward Kenway's boat to promote the game. People could go inside where they got to play AC4 for themselves.

1.Sadly there will probably not be a present day Assassins Creed because the game is supposed to be about history. Here is what lead writer Darby McDevitt said during their comic con panal:

We try to approach history with a sense of reverence and a sense of groundedness," said McDevitt. "We love doing our homework, visiting these locations, and researching real historical details, which we can incorporate into the game. We love making game's based on real historical places, and I don't think any era can be ruled out, but whichever era we choose to do next we will bring it to life in a realistic way. So, I wouldn't expect us to do a modern day Assassin's Creed anytime soon."

2. They announced a new AC book called Brahman which should launch this fall. It takes place in 18th century India under the rule of Imperial Britian The new Assassin's name is Arbaaz Mir.


3. Here is a video showing the vast open world gameplay of Black Flag. I dont think this was at comic con... oh well

4. And finally some pics:


  1. I do hope that they done lots of changes the last one wasn't that good.

  2. I like the 2nd one the best!

  3. I think one that was set during WW2 would be great. Plus most people don't know history anyway. Most people are so dumb just ask Jay Leno!

  4. I was hoping for a new game. Something like Watch dogs!!! But a FPS